My Favourite Lipsticks

I've only started wearing lipsticks in the past two years or so, as I never had the confidence to wear them before! During this time I've built up a small collection of lipsticks and I thought I'd write about my favourites for you all.

Ultimate Favourite - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry

This is my go-to lipstick for a night out. I love the slightly vamp-ish colour as it fits well with my usual style. It lasts well on the lips and I usually only need to re-apply once on a night out. It's moisturising too, and has quite a shiny finish as it's a creme formulation.

Favourite Red - Model's Own in Scarlett

This is a nice bright red which can look really dramatic. I don't actually wear a true red too often because it is really bold and I get a bit self-conscious sometimes, but I should just push myself because it does look really nice on!

Favourite Coral - MeMeMe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Tuscan Red

I'm going to start using this bright coral much more over the summer as it'll look really nice with a summer wardrobe. This would be an ideal lipstick to take on holiday, and it's really moisturising, thanks to the added Shea Butter and Vitamin E, which is always a benefit in hot weather.

Favourite Matte - Kate Moss x Rimmel Lasting Finish in 107

I had my eye on this product as soon as the Kate Moss for Rimmel range of matte lipsticks was announced, and it must have been the most popular as it was constantly sold out! I finally managed to get a hold of it just before Christmas and I love it. I'm a huge fan of matte lips and this dark red shade is perfect - so glamorous!

Favourite 'Something Different' - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Va Va Violet

This isn't exactly a traditional lipstick shade but it's surprisingly wearable. It can look a little scary in the tube but it actually looks very nice on. Again, it's a bit of a vampy shade, which I really like. It does take quite a few coats to get a nice, deep colour, though. Maybe it's meant to be more of a sheer colour because of the slightly daring shade but I prefer it to be a dark purple.

The lipsticks in order from left to right in natural light with no flash

I'm really going to try and wear lipsticks a lot more often as I love these shades and this post has made me want to put one on right now!

What are your favourite lipsticks? Have you tried any of these?

Side note: no Week in Photos this week as I've mostly just been studying!

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

                   Photo Source

Dove have launched a new campaign which aims to show women that the way they perceive themselves is usually very different from the way others see them. They have created a video entitled "Real Beauty Sketches" which demonstrates this point.

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My Week In Photos #3

1. Listening to Fall Out Boy's new album Save Rock and Roll on Monday.
2. At my house with Adam on Tuesday.
3. Receiving a Benefit package through the post on Wednesday
4. It contained these three products as well as several more - will have a haul up soon!
5. China Buffet King on Thursday.
6. Also saw Evil Dead on Thursday - read my review here.
7. Watched the British version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Friday - much preferred the original!
8. Had a night out with Lauren on Saturday - went to Ark first.
9. Then we went to the Cathouse - had a great night!

Review | Evil Dead

Evil Dead is a re-make of the 1981 film and is described as "the most terrifying film you will ever experience". It follows five friends' stay at a cabin in the forest, where they unwittingly summon demons which posses the group one by one. They each must fight to survive through the night and banish the demons once and for all.

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Mini Fragrance Direct Haul

I found out a few weeks ago that Fragrance Direct sell discounted make-up, so I headed over to the site and picked up some bargains. I originally had many more products in my basket but I was worried that I was going a bit overboard because of the low prices, so I cut it down to the things I needed most.

Firstly, I purchased two W7 make-up brushes. This is a brand that I've heard a lot about but haven't really seen on sale in the UK, so I thought it'd be a good idea to get these while I could. I got a regular eye shadow  brush as well as a blending one. I've been using both of them for around a fortnight now and they're very good. The quality is surprisingly good considering the price (just 99p each!)

Next, I picked up Sally Hansen's Continuous Growth Treatment. It can be used as a clear base coat and I needed a new one anyway. I've also been trying to grow my nails so I thought this was the perfect product for me at the moment. Sally Hansen is a brand known for its high quality so at £.75 I thought it was a great bargain.

The last thing I bought was a Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in the shade Grippy Grape. I already own at least five of these tints and I absolutely love them. They have much better staying power than lipstick and the felt pen-like tip makes them super easy to apply. They also have a balm at the end which is great for keeping your lips moisturised and adding a bit of shine to the lip colour. This is a gorgeous deep berry shade and I wore it during my Edinburgh trip. Click here to see my post about it so you can see how the tint looks on the lips!

I'm really happy with my purchases and I'll definitely be visiting Fragrance Direct again in the future. The products I ordered were all great and a grand total of £6.72 is a fantastic price for four good quality products.

Have you visited Fragrance Direct? Have you tried any of these products?

My Week In Photos #2

1. Listening to Paramore's new album on Monday.
2. Messing around with my nephew's ipad on Tuesday.
3. We also watched Beetlejuice. As soon as Lydia came on screen he said, "Look, it's you!" haha
4. Adam having tea after we checked into our hotel in Edinburgh - read my post about our trip here.
5. St Giles Cathedral.
6. Quesadillas at Chiquito for dinner.
7. Edinburgh Castle on Thursday.
8. Prezzo for dinner with my parents and Adam on Friday night.
9. Spending time with my nieces and nephew on Saturday (my niece Orla didn't want to be in the photo!).

I had a really lovely week - was a great end to my break from uni! Remember to follow me on instagram - shannondarko. And Bloglovin' is the easiest way to keep up-to-date with all my posts! Click here for the link to follow me there.

How was your week? Tell me what you got up to!

Edinburgh Trip!

As we're on a break from uni, Adam and I decided to go for a wee trip to Edinburgh this week. We stayed over on the Wednesday night and we had such a lovely time! Expect lots of photos in this post as I took over 100 but had to narrow it down to the best few! Some of them were taken with my phone so they won't be as good quality as the others.

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My Week in Photos!

1. Typing up my History essay on Monday. Was the first day of my holidays as well!
2. With Adam in my house on Tuesday.
3. Looking at old photos of him for my new photography project!
4. After my hair cut on Wednesday. To see my post about it, click here.
5. Watching my favourite film on Thursday.
6. We got a little bit of sun on Friday! Seemed like the first time in years!
7. Out for lunch with Adam on Saturday at Antipasti. Should I write a post about the restaurant?
8. The view from the top of The Lighthouse museum yesterday.
9. Studying for my Politics exam today.

Isn't it a bit rubbish that my week started and ended with studying? Anyway, it's the Easter holidays and I've really been enjoying the time off because I was so stressed out during the last few weeks of uni. I'm off next week too and I'll hopefully be doing a few exciting things!

Most of these photos are from my instagram so give me a follow if you fancy! My username is shannondarko, or there's a link on the side bar of my blog that you can click.

How was your week? Did you do anything interesting?

New Hair!

I'd been thinking about getting a full fringe for a good few months, and today I just went for it. I needed a change anyway so I thought, why not?

The hairdresser did do a good job but when I got home I thought it was a little too long so I trimmed it myself. I've never had a fringe this short so it'll take a bit of getting used to but I'm quite happy with it!

What do you think? Are you considering changing your hair soon?