Edinburgh Trip!

As we're on a break from uni, Adam and I decided to go for a wee trip to Edinburgh this week. We stayed over on the Wednesday night and we had such a lovely time! Expect lots of photos in this post as I took over 100 but had to narrow it down to the best few! Some of them were taken with my phone so they won't be as good quality as the others.

We stayed in the Glenora Guest House, which was just a minute's walk from Haymarket station. We got a fantastic deal on laterooms.com - just £45 for a double room and breakfast in the morning! The hotel was lovely and the staff were great - I'd highly recommend staying there! For breakfast they had a continental selection as well as a full cooked meal which was made fresh to order. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the room when it was actually tidy so I've used some from the hotel's website instead. We did stay in the same room that's pictured below though.

Check the website by clicking here to see more of the lovely hotel.

After checking in we walked into the centre of Edinburgh, which took around 15-20 minutes. We passed St Mary's Cathedral on the way which was stunning. I struggled to get decent photos of it because it was so huge and I couldn't fit it all in. The architecture was so detailed and it was a really lovely building.

We walked along Princes St. where we stopped off at a shop called Tutti Frutti which sold frozen yoghurt. I got a little over-excited about how cute it all looked so we made up our own yoghurt, added toppings etc. The only price in the shop said £1.70 for 100g, but there was no way of weighing your yoghurt before paying so we were very shocked when we were asked to fork out £4.80 each! The yoghurt was nice but a total rip-off in my opinion; it's not possible to guess what 100g is so I'm sure most people will end up paying way more than they expected.

We then visited the Museum on the Mound, which was free. It was all about money and banks which perhaps doesn't sound too interesting but Adam and I both really enjoyed it - it's worth a visit.

A real letter that Robert Burns wrote, £1million in £20 notes!, old coins, a £1million note!, my life insurance policy that I created for a bit of fun, a key from the 17th century.

After the museum we visited St Giles cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful inside. I'm not religious at all but even I was blown away by the beauty of the interior. I could only use my phone camera in here so the photos really don't do it justice!

We then went back to the hotel to rest our feet a little before heading out for dinner. We went to Chiquito in Frederick St (just off Princes St) and had a great meal. I went for BBQ pulled pork quesadillas and Adam had chimichangas. We both thoroughly enjoyed them and we were completely stuffed afterwards! The restaurant was excellent so if you're a fan of Mexican food I'd highly recommend it.

After dinner we walked up to the Royal Mile in search for a cool place to have drinks, but with me in my high heels and the freezing temperatures, we didn't look for very long! We went into The Mitre which was quite a traditional Scottish pub. There was live music and the drinks were reasonably priced so it was a good pick.

Myself awkwardly taking selfies while Adam was in the bathroom haha

Our final event for Wednesday was a ghost tour. This was my personal highlight of the whole trip as it was so interesting and very creepy! There are loads of different ghost tours in Edinburgh but we went with the Terror Tour from the Auld Reekie Tour Company. This was described as their "darkest and most frightening" tour and it started the latest - 10pm, lasting for 90 minutes. Our tour guide Lauren took us on a little walk around the streets close to the Royal Mile and told us true stories of the living conditions in Edinburgh in the olden days and all about the witch trials. I found it fascinating and it was shocking to think that those things actually happened! 

Lauren then took us to the Torture Museum, which had mostly replicas of old torture devices, but some real ones too. Hearing how they were used was pretty horrific and I couldn't understand how humans could do those things to each other, but it was very interesting. 

The tour ended with a trip underground to visit the vaults. For those who don't know, there is almost another city underneath the Edinburgh we see today, as the city was so overcrowded that they needed more space to house the poorest people. There was no daylight down there at all, so people were living in the pitch dark. One of the rooms down there is currently used as a Wiccan coven by 3 "Wiccan witches". I loved seeing this but unfortunately we weren't able to go into the room - I could only take photos through the bars on the window. 

Lastly, we went into the room that the witches used to use. They stopped using it after six months because too many negative things happened to them there. There was a circle of rocks on the floor and it's said that if someone stands in the middle of the circle, terrible things could happen to them! Even if the stones are touched, something bad could happen, and me being me - I touched them. No one else on the whole tour did but I was curious - nothing bad has happened to me though! Not yet anyway...

The coven and the circle of rocks. What's that glowing underneath one of them?

On Thursday we checked out of the hotel then visited the Scottish National Gallery. The artwork here was really impressive and many of the paintings were absolutely huge. Until February next year, the gallery is displaying Rodin's famous sculpture The Kiss. It was nice to see such an acclaimed piece of art in person.

We then headed up to the castle but we didn't go in because Adam wasn't feeling too well unfortunately. It's also £16 each to get in which is a bit steep! We just admired the views instead then made our way back to Haymarket.

We had a nice meal in The Haymarket pub then caught the train home. The two of us were exhausted when we got back but it was definitely worth it! Overall, we had a fantastic trip and if you've never visited Edinburgh I'd highly recommend it! There's loads to do and there's definitely something for everyone.

Have you been to Edinburgh? If not, would you like to go? How was your Easter break?


  1. Great post!!! Edinburgh is a really good place to visit. "Adam wasn't feeling too well unfortunately" Aye cause you kept me up half the night with your constant moving and spooky noises! :P
    Was a great read anyway, Cathedral looked lovely!

  2. such a nice trip and sound romance couple.
    perhaps I am gonna visit edinburgh too next time.
    hehehe :)

    1. Thank you! If you ever get the opportunity to visit Edinburgh you definitely should - it's a lovely city!