My Week In Photos #2

1. Listening to Paramore's new album on Monday.
2. Messing around with my nephew's ipad on Tuesday.
3. We also watched Beetlejuice. As soon as Lydia came on screen he said, "Look, it's you!" haha
4. Adam having tea after we checked into our hotel in Edinburgh - read my post about our trip here.
5. St Giles Cathedral.
6. Quesadillas at Chiquito for dinner.
7. Edinburgh Castle on Thursday.
8. Prezzo for dinner with my parents and Adam on Friday night.
9. Spending time with my nieces and nephew on Saturday (my niece Orla didn't want to be in the photo!).

I had a really lovely week - was a great end to my break from uni! Remember to follow me on instagram - shannondarko. And Bloglovin' is the easiest way to keep up-to-date with all my posts! Click here for the link to follow me there.

How was your week? Tell me what you got up to!


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