You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

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Dove have launched a new campaign which aims to show women that the way they perceive themselves is usually very different from the way others see them. They have created a video entitled "Real Beauty Sketches" which demonstrates this point.

In the video, a group of women are each asked to describe themselves, with an artist sitting behind a curtain so that he cannot see them. The women are unaware that the artist is Gil Zamora, an FBI-trained forensic artist, so he is used to creating accurate drawings based only on verbal descriptions of a person. The women are quite critical of themselves, talking about their "big forehead" or "fat, rounder face".

Once the drawing is done, someone else is asked to describe the same person, and these descriptions are always much more flattering, They use phrases like "nice eyes" and "cute nose". The woman is then shown the two drawings of her side-by-side and the difference is startling. Several of the women got quite emotional after seeing the contrast between the two pictures, as they realised that they were far too self-critical.

I think a lot of women and girls can identify with this. We are so often our own worst critic and we fixate on so-called "flaws" that others simply don't see.

Dove also have a new TV ad in which they ask pairs of women on the street what their favourite part of their body is. Every woman responds with "um...", spends ages thinking, and one even says, "that's a really tough question". However, Dove then ask the woman that they are with what their favourite part of the other woman's body is - be it their friend, mother, sister, etc. - and they all reply straight away with comments like, "your skin is beautiful" and "I love your bum!"

Again, this shows that while we may only see negatives, other people are much more likely to notice the positives. If you spend so long agonising over the nose that you hate, you aren't going to notice how fantastic your eyes are. Other people can appreciate your beauty so why can't you?

If we can all stop fussing over the body parts that we're unhappy with and instead focus on the parts that we like, we can all be so much happier. Of course, I know this is easier said than done, but with practice, we can change the way we see ourselves.

Start now - think of three things that you like about yourself. No, don't say "nothing"; there will be something. If you're really struggling, think of one thing to begin with. Now concentrate on this. Any time you have a negative thought about your appearance, replace it with the positive thought. Accentuate your best assets and you'll feel much better about yourself, and in turn more confident too!

I really admire Dove for launching this campaign as I think it will strike a chord with a lot of people and hopefully encourage them to make some positive changes about the way they think. Body image is such a huge problem for so many people and can lead to much more serious conditions such as depression and eating disorders, so it's important to make changes before it gets to that stage. If you admire something about your friend's appearance - tell her! It'll make her day and hopefully give her something to think about.

When you're feeling down, just remember - You Are More Beautiful Than You Think.


  1. ur blog is very interesting and this post is really really good! POsitive thinking always work :)