My Week In Photos #7

1. Adam and I went to the Travel Agents on Monday.
2. We had a nice dinner after my work on Tuesday. It was a deal from Tesco - 2 mains and 2 sides for £6!
3. Lauren and I were supposed to see The Great Gatsby on Wednesday but it was sold out :(
4. Excited faces from Adam and I as we booked our first holiday abroad together on Thursday!!
5. Pretty sky on Thursday night!
6. Wearing a cute headband on Friday.
7. Me before going to Adam's on Friday night.
8. I got amazing new sunglasses after work on Saturday!
9. Some holiday clothes that I bought today, hence why I posted this so late!

So this week was pretty exciting since we booked our holiday; we're going to Lanzarote for a week in June - less than three week's time! I'm looking forward to it so much as it's been years since I've been on holiday and it'll be nice to finally get some sun! We got a good last minute deal at Thomas Cook so if you're thinking of going away I'd recommend checking there. We're flying out the day after my birthday which is pretty cool!

Did you read my Boyfriend Tag post this week? Click here if not!

How was your week? Are you going on holiday this year?

The Boyfriend Tag!

I know this tag is kind of meant for Youtube but I thought it would be nice to do it so that you can get a little insight into Adam and I's relationship! Where you see "S:", I've answered the question, and "A:", Adam has... obviously haha!

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My Week In Photos #6

1. On Monday I became a member of the Motel Rocks street team - use my code in the photo for 20% off your order!
2. Studying on Tuesday - for the last time in first year!
3. I had my last exam on Wednesday - History.
4. I then went to the cinema with Lauren - here's a bus stop selfie ha.
5. We saw The Place Beyond The Pines - I'd recommend it!
6. On Thursday I went out for drinks with Adam and his friends to celebrate the start of summer!
7. Detail on the dress I wore on Thursday.
8. I had my first shift at my new job yesterday.
9. Adam and I made Sweet Chilli Chicken stir fry when I got home - see my recipe here. (I updated the photos)

Sorry for being so lazy with my posts this week, but my exams are over now so I'll be posting a lot more!

How was your week? Has your summer started yet?

Recipe | Super-easy, Super-cheap Sweet Chilli Chicken Stir Fry

NOTE: I debated with myself over whether or not I should post this recipe for a while. I didn't know if it was too simple or too obvious to give instructions for, but everyone needs inspiration sometimes so I thought I'd just go ahead and post it!

This stir fry is so easy and cheap to make so it's perfect for students or anyone on a tight budget.

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My Week In Photos #5

1. Adam got me a nice wee card on Monday!
2. It was actually sunny on Tuesday - in Scotland!!
3. But I was stuck in the library studying all day :(
4. At the hospital on Wednesday (I'm fine by the way!)
5. Had my Politics exam on Thursday - didn't go as horribly as I thought it would.
6. Adam and I went out for dinner afterwards to celebrate our first exams being over!
7. We went to Masala Tikka Twist - a lovely Indian restaurant.
8. Lauren stayed at my house last night.
9. I cut my own fringe today which was risky but I think it turned out okay!

I changed the layout of my blog and would really appreciate some feedback on it! Do you prefer it this way? I've also been working on some Outfit of the Day's for you all and will try to get them up some time next week, but I've got quite a busy week coming up so please bear with me!
There will be lots of exciting new things on Shannon Darko over the next few months so make sure you follow so that you don't miss out!

What did you do this week?

Benefit Haul!

I've always loved Benefit products. The whole feel of the brand is so lovely and very me, with the vintage influences. They're a really fun brand and always have the cutest packaging. Last month I got these products; I didn't want to blog about them straight away as I wanted time to try them out so I could give my opinion on them.

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Wishlist #2

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | Honour Over Glory Crop Top | Donnie Darko Book | Barry M Dazzle Dust No. 98 | Teal Skater Skirt | Skull Shot Glass | Polka Dot Dress | Spiked Necklace | Rimmel Matte Eyeshadow in Sable | 24pc Make-up Brush Set

What's on your wishlist?

My Week In Photos #4

1. Studying on Monday.
2. Summery outfit on a nice sunny day on Tuesday!
3. Sharing a lemon sundae with Adam, also on Tuesday.
4. Pizza Express on Wednesday.
5. Then went to see Iron Man 3 - read my review here.
6. Sad face on my nightmare day in the library on Thursday :(
7. Adam helping me study on Friday by testing me on my notes.
8. Tea and a cookie before my trial shift on Saturday.
9. I got the job! I now work at That's Entertainment on Sauchiehall Street :)

What did you do this week?

Review | Iron Man 3

The eagerly-awaited third instalment of the Iron Man series was released last week, and fans of the franchise will not be disappointed by this.

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