Benefit Haul!

I've always loved Benefit products. The whole feel of the brand is so lovely and very me, with the vintage influences. They're a really fun brand and always have the cutest packaging. Last month I got these products; I didn't want to blog about them straight away as I wanted time to try them out so I could give my opinion on them.

It's Potent! Eye Cream
I only started using eye cream a few months ago after receiving a sample in Glamour magazine. At 18 I obviously don't need my eye cream to be anti-ageing, and after seeing this on the Benefit website I thought it was a good choice for me. It claims to be brightening and reduces dark circles. After around a month's use I do think it has helped! I don't get very much sleep so I've always had really dark circles under my eyes but they're definitely not as bad now.
It does come in a very small jar (14.2g) but a little goes a long way - you don't need much of this product at all as it's quite rich.

Ooh La Lift 
This is another product that I bought to help brighten under my eyes. I tried this out in store and thought it really made a difference, so I definitely wanted to purchase it. It can be applied over or under make-up (I do it under) and just brightens up the eye area to make you look more awake and your skin less dull. It's great for when you haven't had much sleep, which I'm sure a lot of you are experiencing now what with it being exam season!

They're Real! Mascara
I'm sure you'll have heard all about this product by now - there was so much hype surrounding it and I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I love long, dramatic eyelashes so was really excited to try this.
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it to be honest. Yes, it does really lengthen my lashes and thickens them fairly well. However, I don't think it adds much curl (which it claims to do) and it can get very clumpy. I can put loads of my usual mascara on (Maybelline's Colossal) and it'll have no clumps at all, but just a few coats of this leaves me with horribly clumpy lashes - not a good look.
This is a good mascara but you just have to use it sparingly and figure out the right application technique for your lashes - it's a bit of a trial and error process.

Sugarlicious Kit
I wanted a set that had several different products that I would get use out of, so that I could try them out before spending money on the full-sized products. This kit features the famous Benetint and High Beam, as well as the Sugarbomb blusher and Sugarbomb lip gloss.
The Benetint is fantastic - it's no wonder that it's one of Benefit's best-selling products. It can be used as both a cheek and lip stain and again, a little goes a long way. It can look scary in the bottle as it's a deep red, but once applied, it actually looks very natural. I prefer to use it on my cheeks than my lips. Just be sure to blend it in straight away because once it dries, it's going nowhere! The good thing about that is that it stays on all day, so there's no need for touch-ups.
High Beam is also a wonderful product and is the best highlighter I've ever used. Apply it in a V-shape - 3 dots in a diagonal line at the top of your cheekbone, and 3 along your brow bone. Blend with your finger and you'll have a gorgeous glow which will add so much definition to your face. You can use this is several other areas of your face but I stick to those two.
The Sugarbomb blush is lovely too. It features four shades which, when mixed together, create the perfect natural colour. It works really well on my pale skin and is a good balance between pink and peach.
I haven't actually used the lipgloss yet as I almost never wear any, though I've seen it on other people and it looks really good!

Stay, Don't Stray! Eye Primer
I got this for my mum as she'd been looking for a good eye primer for a while. I haven't used this myself but my mum wasn't a fan. She said that the applicator pump wasn't good as it made too much product come out, and she didn't think it actually made her eye make-up stay on particularly well.

Confessions of a Concealaholic Kit
This was bought for my sister Kelly. She'd had the set before a few years ago and absolutely loved it so I got her a new one.
It features the That Gal primer, which I have used before and absolutely loved. It's a brightening, pale pink primer which lights up dull skin in an instant. It really does help keep make-up on too, so I adore this product, as does my sister!
It also has Erase Paste  and Boi-ing - Benefit's famous "industrial-strength" concealers. Unfortunately, the set will only give you Erase Paste in the medium shade, which isn't ideal for us pale girls or darker skinned women. However, the shade works fine for my sister and she says it's the best concealer she's used. I tried it myself but it was way too drying for my skin, so if you have dry skin I'd stay away from this. Boi-ing comes in both the lightest and the medium shade, so offers a bit more flexibility.
There's some Lemon Aid in the kit, too - a colour correcting eye primer which my sister swears by. She says it's a great base for any eye make-up.
Lastly, there's Eye Bright which is pretty self-explanatory. It's kind of like a cream version of Ooh La Lift. I personally prefer the Ooh La Lift but I'm just not a fan of cream products in general.

Big Beautiful Eyes
I got this for my other sister Elaine as she was looking for some new neutral eye shadows. The kit has a pale pink colour, a shimmery brown contour and a dark chocolate colour. It's the perfect set for an everyday natural eye look and could easily become a daily staple for a lot of women. It also comes with a little bit of Boi-ing (in the medium shade) so is a good all-in-one kit!

Overall, I'm really happy with this haul and my sisters really like theirs too!

Have you tried any Benefit products? What are your favourites?


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