My Week In Photos #6

1. On Monday I became a member of the Motel Rocks street team - use my code in the photo for 20% off your order!
2. Studying on Tuesday - for the last time in first year!
3. I had my last exam on Wednesday - History.
4. I then went to the cinema with Lauren - here's a bus stop selfie ha.
5. We saw The Place Beyond The Pines - I'd recommend it!
6. On Thursday I went out for drinks with Adam and his friends to celebrate the start of summer!
7. Detail on the dress I wore on Thursday.
8. I had my first shift at my new job yesterday.
9. Adam and I made Sweet Chilli Chicken stir fry when I got home - see my recipe here. (I updated the photos)

Sorry for being so lazy with my posts this week, but my exams are over now so I'll be posting a lot more!

How was your week? Has your summer started yet?


  1. Sorry, I'm still new - what's the new job? Hope it's something you enjoy.

    1. I work at That's Entertainment, it's a CD/DVD/game shop in Glasgow :) yeah it's good!