My Week In Photos #7

1. Adam and I went to the Travel Agents on Monday.
2. We had a nice dinner after my work on Tuesday. It was a deal from Tesco - 2 mains and 2 sides for £6!
3. Lauren and I were supposed to see The Great Gatsby on Wednesday but it was sold out :(
4. Excited faces from Adam and I as we booked our first holiday abroad together on Thursday!!
5. Pretty sky on Thursday night!
6. Wearing a cute headband on Friday.
7. Me before going to Adam's on Friday night.
8. I got amazing new sunglasses after work on Saturday!
9. Some holiday clothes that I bought today, hence why I posted this so late!

So this week was pretty exciting since we booked our holiday; we're going to Lanzarote for a week in June - less than three week's time! I'm looking forward to it so much as it's been years since I've been on holiday and it'll be nice to finally get some sun! We got a good last minute deal at Thomas Cook so if you're thinking of going away I'd recommend checking there. We're flying out the day after my birthday which is pretty cool!

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How was your week? Are you going on holiday this year?


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