Review | Iron Man 3

The eagerly-awaited third instalment of the Iron Man series was released last week, and fans of the franchise will not be disappointed by this.

Tony Stark's vulnerable side is shown more in this film, as it is revealed that he is suffering from anxiety attacks after his dramatic adventure with the Avengers. He can't sleep because of terrifying dreams in which he has flashbacks to his near-fatal flight into space. It is clear that Stark is not his usual self and is struggling with some really difficult problems, which adds a much more human element to the character. Who ever thought of a superhero suffering from PTSD?

To add more pressure to him, a terrorist known as The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) is taking over American TV with his threatening broadcasts and detonating human bombs all over the country. He now has his sights set on the President, and after one of his bombs hurts someone close to Stark, he sets out for revenge.

Robert Downey Jr is on top form as the arrogant - yet still likeable - superhero. He delivers one-liners with brilliant wit; when I was in the cinema the audience were genuinely laughing out loud at several points during the film. The humour throughout the movie is really great - it's very well-written in that sense. Kingsley's character is surprisingly funny, too.

As well as the humour, the film is full of huge action. Explosions, fights, shoot-outs - you name it. It's pretty much action from start to finish, but the story itself is not compromised by this. There is still a good linear storyline that keeps you interested the whole way through.

The special effects are very well-done, too, and there are plenty of them. I like how, despite the very "Hollywood" effects and action, they're not overdone. There's nothing worse than a film that's all action and bombs, with no story underneath it all.

Gwyneth Paltrow is likeable as Pepper Potts, but I'm personally not a huge fan of hers. This is probably the best character of hers that I've seen though. Don Cheadle is good as Col James Rhodes, and he works well alongside Iron Man. There's also a young actor, Ty Simpkins, who does a great job of portraying Harley Keener - a boy who is an unlikely helper of Stark's.

What's interesting about this movie is that we actually see a lot more of Tony Stark than Iron Man. Even when he's in the suit, his mask is off quite a lot. This helps to remind the audience that underneath everything, there's still a human being - not just the superhero.

Iron Man 2 was, let's face it, a bit of a disappointment, but I can assure you that this film is miles better. It'll have you laughing, rooting for Tony Stark, and on the edge of your seat the whole way through. If you're a fan of the Marvel film series, you'll love this. Even if you're not, there's still a good chance that you'll like this one as it is really is a very enjoyable film. I'd definitely recommend seeing this!


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