The Boyfriend Tag!

I know this tag is kind of meant for Youtube but I thought it would be nice to do it so that you can get a little insight into Adam and I's relationship! Where you see "S:", I've answered the question, and "A:", Adam has... obviously haha!

1) Where did we meet? S: A field in Cumbernauld haha.
2) Where was our first date? A: A walk about town, then took her to Subway for a romantic meal ha.
3) What was your first impression of me? A: Well she had a lovely smile and just seemed really nice and happy to be around!
4) When did you meet my family? A: About a month after we first met!
5) Weird habit of each other’s? A: Makes unnatural noise in her sleep/in general/always. S: He never stops fidgeting!!
6) How long have we been together? S: Just over two and a half years.
7) Do we have any traditions? A: Spending the 18th of each month together.
8) An animal that resembles one another? A: Lioness S: A cute monkey!
9) What was our first roadtrip? S: Well neither of us can drive so our first trip was to Edinburgh - read my post about it here!
10) First thing you noticed about me? A: Lovely brown eyes!

Our first ever photo as a couple! | My 18th Birthday last year. | Summer 2011

11) What pisses him off? S: When he’s losing at Halo!
12) Favourite feature about each other? A: Whole face! S: His eyes ‘cause he has blue eyes but one of them has a wee brown bit and it’s special :’)
13) 3 things I am good & not good at? A: She’s very good at writing, tea making and making people smile! Not so good at taking a joke, (S: That makes me sounds horrible!) getting up in the morning and stressful situations.
14) What do we argue about the most? S: Just silly things really, nothing big!
15) Who wears the pants in the relationship? A: Me. S: It’s totally me.
16) Do I have any weird obsessions? A: Her makeup – it’s really bad (by that I mean her obsession).
17) Nicknames for each other? A: Shanny! S: I guess I call him sweetie a lot haha!
18) What is my favourite restaurant? A: Well there are a lot of restaurants that she does like! I’d say it was an Italian though.
19) If I am watching TV, what am I watching? A: Family guy.
20) What is one food I do not like? A: Definitely seafood!

Last month before dinner at Prezzo

22) What drink do I order when we go out to eat? A: Vodka Cranberry!
23) What size of shoe do I wear? A: 5? S: Correct!
24) My favourite kind of sandwich? A: Ham n cheese
25) What is one talent I have? A: She’s a very talented writer!
26) What would I eat everyday if I could? A: Toast, lots of toast (buttered).
27) My favourite cereal? A: Probably frosted shreddies.
28) My favourite kind of music? A: Emo. S: haha thaaanks!
29) My favourite sports team? A: She doesn't really pay attention to sports tbh!
30) What is my eye colour? A: Quite a light but deep brown.

New Year 2013

31) Who is my best friend? A: Me! Followed by Lauren.
32) Something you do that I wish you didn’t do? S: He makes fun of me all the time :(
33) Where am I from? A: Scotland
34) What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday? A: Tricky one! Not a chocolate cake… She likes those Costco cakes, but it has to have jam in it with a light sponge.
35) Do I play any sports? A: She dances!
36) What can I spend hours doing? A: Drinking tea and watching Friends.

I hope you liked this post and let me know if you'd like some similar personal things in the future!

Tell me something cute about your relationship!


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