Holiday Blog #1 | Thursday-Sunday

As you probably know, I recently got back form my holiday in Lanzarote. I thought I'd be better splitting my posts about it up a bit because if I squeezed it all in to one post, it'd be way too long!

I went with Adam and we stayed in the Barcelo Lanzarote hotel in the Costa Teguise region of the island. This was a four star hotel and we went on an all-inclusive basis. I'd really recommend the hotel - we both loved it.

Click on the photos to make them bigger - they look much better that way!


In the car on the way to the airport | My Banksy passport holder that Adam got me for my birthday | In the queue for check-in | I bought MAC Mystery eyeshadow in duty free | My boarding pass | On the plane | Daytime view from the plane | Sunset view

There's not too much to say about Thursday really. Our plane took off an hour late because there was some sort of problem with someone's luggage, then we almost had to land in Morocco because someone had been smoking in the toilets ha. Apart from that, though, the flight was fine. We arrived at the hotel just after 1am so we unpacked a bit then just went to bed.


Entrance to the hotel | Adam outside the hotel | There were loads of palm trees in the complex | The two of us outside | Me by the pool | Adam in the pool | Poolside

We spent our first day exploring the hotel and finding out where everything was. We found a good spot by the pool to sunbathe and read etc. There were a few little shops by the entrance to the hotel so we had a look at those too. We basically spent the day settling in and we realised how great the hotel was!

On a walk after dinner | Adam and I playing pool | I don't even know haha | The entertainment that night - four guys in drag dancing to the Spice Girls ha! | Me on the swings at around midnight? | Adam on the slide | Me sitting on the balcony (don't worry, we were on the ground floor!)

That night we went for a stroll around the complex after dinner and Adam took some photos for me to use in a future OOTD, then we played a few games of pool before heading to the entertainment. There were various acts but all of them were basically the entertainment team miming along to popular songs with some sort of comedic twist. It perhaps doesn't sound the best but it was really funny! We then went to the swing park for a bit (totally not drunk) then headed back to the room. It was a really nice first night overall.


We ventured out of the hotel on Saturday and went for a little walk around the local area. We found a lovely little spot where we could sit on the rocks and look out to sea (the first three photos). No one else was there so it was really nice to chill out for a bit. We then walked on a little further and found a busier spot that also had really good views (bottom row of photos). Thanks to that guy for completely ruining the photos we took there haha!

We then went on an excursion but I'll write about that in a separate post.

Adam looking smart before dinner | There was a bird made out of fruit and vegetables which I found hilarious ha | Vulture at the bird show that night | Me at the entertainment.


On Sunday we went to the local market which we unfortunately didn't get any photos of. It was a really interesting experience though as it was great to see all the hand-made local crafts (as well as the designer knock-offs haha) and haggling with the sellers was pretty fun. I also made friends with a little dog and I'm so gutted that I didn't take a photo! When we got back to the hotel we sunbathed for a bit then Adam took part in the daily ping pong tournament.

Adam's model pose haha | Both of us before dinner | Me in the dress Adam bought me for my birthday.

So that's the first half of our trip, keep your eye out for part two as well as the excursion post! Both should be up this week or the start of next.

Are you going on holiday this year?


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