Holiday Blog #2 | Monday - Thursday

If you haven't read my first holiday blog yet, you can find it here.

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We pretty much just relaxed in the hotel on Monday since we'd had such busy days at the weekend. We lay by the pool and read our books and it was really nice to just chill out. Adam also got his exam results on this day and he done so, so well - I was super proud of him!

Before dinner.


First two: At the beach (it was still really windy at this point hence why I was wearing a cardigan! | Next two: Adam on the walkway out to sea | Last three: The two of us in the little cove.

This was our anniversary and one of my favourite days of the holiday! We started the day by catching the hotel's free bus into town. There were a lot of shops there but they were mostly only souvenir shops. Both of us bought a few little things anyway, then we went exploring for a bit. We found a lovely beach with a really long area which went out to sea. I only walked a little of the way along and then came back because I was scared haha! I'm not a fan of the water (I'm always scared I'll drown ha), plus it was really, really windy so I felt like I was going to blow into the sea and that was pretty terrifying for me! Adam walked right to the end though, so I just stood back and took photos of him (unfortunately there were people in the way of most of them!).

We then found some little cove-type things - circles of rocks which you could sit in and be sheltered from the wind. There were even big bits of foam for you to sit on and look out to sea. It was lovely but we had to catch the bus back to the hotel so we couldn't stay long.

That night, we had a reservation at the hotel's a la carte restaurant. I had vegetable soup to start and Adam opted for a salad. We both had steak for our main and it was lovely - I thoroughly enjoyed it! WE had custard for dessert which unfortunately wasn't very nice, but we had a great meal overall, and it worked out well that we'd been given the reservation on our anniversary. After dinner I found out that I had passed all of my exams and got much better grades than I expected so it was already shaping up to be a great night!

When we got to the entertainment, we found out that it was a game-type show to find the "best couple in the hotel", and Adam and I were picked to be one of the couples on stage! We had to do various embarrassing tasks such as performing a rock 'n' roll dance routine, and Adam had to do press-ups with me on his back! It was a bit nerve-racking, being on stage in front of everyone, but we soon settled in and just enjoyed ourselves and had a laugh. The audience had to vote for their favourite couple and we won! We got a certificate, medal and a bottle of champagne so we were very pleased with that!


We spent the day relaxing again, but we also took part in some of the hotel's daytime activities. We played shuffle-board for the first time in our lives... I got to re-do my first shot as I done it completely wrong and I think they felt bad for me haha! We didn't win but we had fun trying out something new! Adam did win French bowls though so he got a certificate that night!

As Wednesday was our last night, we got lots of photos with the entertainment team and made sure we had a great night!

Adam before dinner | Collecting his certificate | Next four: The two of us with two members of the entertainment team that we'd spoken to a lot throughout the week | How nice does Adam look in the last photo?!

Us with the dance captain of the entertainment team | Someone else took ths one of us | Adam with Pepe - an old Spanish man who barely spoke any English but Adam played against him in a lot of different games and he cheered for us to win the couples competition so Adam wanted a photo with him!


Our last day! After packing, we made the most of the sun and took part in some more activities. We tried rifle shooting an I was absolutely terrible! I had three shots and not one of them even landed anywhere on the target haha - I was gutted! Adam done much better than me though!

I spent a bit of time taking lots of photos of the hotel. I couldn't possibly include all of them in this post as there were loads but above are a little selection (as well as some funny faces from Adam and I!).

The two of us enjoying our last drinks in the hotel! | The bracelets I got while I was there. I bought the spiked one (of course) and Adam got me the other one. It's really special because the black part is a real piece of lava from Lanzarote's volcano! Plus, the green crystals are called Olivina and are only found in Lanzarote. I love it!

So there is our holiday! I've still to finish the post about our excursion so that will be up probably early next week. I hope you've enjoyed reading about our trip as we both had such a brilliant time and it's nice to share that with you all!

Tell me about your holiday!


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