The Liebster Award

You may have seen the Liebster award on several blogs recently, but if you're not familiar with it, here's a quick summary:

A blogger will nominate 11 of their favourite new/small blogs (less than 200 followers) and set them 11 questions to answer. Each nominee will answer the questions then nominate a further 11 bloggers and set their own 11 questions.

It's a great way to get to know other bloggers and for everyone to gain some new readers!

I was nominated by the lovely Jade at Pint Sized Pixie and Lola at Haus of Lola - thanks girls!

Jade's questions

1. How old we're you when you first experimented with Make-Up? I properly started experimenting at around 13 I think!
2. If you lost all your make up and could only afford to repurchase three beauty items, what would they be? Foundation, mascara and a brow pencil.
3. Who is your Style Icon? I tend to be influenced more by street style than celebrities, but I love Amanda Hendrick's style!
4. Flats or Heels? I only wear heels on a night out etc but I do prefer the way they look. I couldn't wear them every day though!
5. Favourite Skincare item? Got to be a bit boring and say moisturiser. My skin is really dry right now so it's my saviour!
6. Fake or Natural nails? Natural but I wish mine would grow a bit more.
7. If you had a unlimited amount of money what would you buy? Just tons of clothes and make-up haha, typical girl!
8. Topshop or River Island? Topshop but I rarely buy from either - they're a bit over-priced.
9. Who is your favourite designer? Chanel is always classic and I love Jeremy Scott too.
10. If you could have anyone's wardrobe, who would you choose? Again, Amanda Hendrick's.
11. Where do you shop the most? Probably H&M. 

Lola's questions

1. Favourite Nail Brand? I never pay a lot for nail polish as I don't think there's a need to. Angelica and Collection 2000 are good as well as cheap!

2. Favourite Make Up Brand? I use a mix of a lot but maybe Rimmel or Benefit.
3. Make Up Icon? To be honest, I can't say I have one!
4. Style Icon? Once again, the lovely Amanda!
5. Favourite High Street Shop? H&M and New Look.
6. Hair; Curly Or Straight? Curly but I'm having a bit of a moment for straight hair right now.
7. Favourite Hair Products? Shockwaves volume hairspray, always.
8. Favourite Music Artist? There's so many but my number one right now is Fall Out Boy.
9. Favourite Perfume? Matthew Williamson Sheer. Almost no one has heard of it haha but it's my signature scent. It's unfortunately been discontinued but I've stocked up and have loads of bottles still!
10.  Twitter Or Facebook? 100% Twitter.
11. What's One Thing You Want To Achieve In Life? Become an editor.

I nominate:

My Questions:

1. Do you prefer to focus on your eye make-up or your lips?

2. Who are your favourite youtubers?
3. What's your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
4. Best book you've ever read?
5. What's your go-to hairstyle?
6. Which TV show is your favourite?
7. One skincare item you couldn't live without?
8. Are you at uni/college/have a job?
9. Where is your dream holiday destination?
10. Favourite lipstick shade?
11. When did you start blogging?

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  1. Congrats on your awards! Loved to read your answers! Great style icon choice!