Birthday Haul!

My birthday seems like quite a while ago now but this is the first chance I've had to write about it since it was the day before I went on holiday!

I was working all day which was pretty rubbish but afterwards I went out for dinner with Adam and my family in Prezzo. They gave me my presents and the waitress brought out a cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me!

After that, myself, Adam and my parents headed to TGI Friday's for cocktails which was great. I had a Passion Driver for the first time and it was so good! It was really refreshing and I'd definitely order it again. My mum had a Cosmo, Adam had a Strawberry Daiquiri and my dad went for a Long Island Ice Tea.

To my surprise, the TGI Friday's staff brought me out another cake and sang their own birthday song to me! if you've ever been in TGI's when it was someone's birthday, you'll know that it's definitely an experience! They make a huge deal out of it and it was great fun.

Right, now on to the presents! I won't include everything but here goes...

Adam got me a gorgeous necklace that I've been wanting for a while. It's a tattoo-style design and I absolutely love it!

As I'm a little bit obsessed with stationery, he bought me a beautiful notebook from my favourite stationery shop Paperchase and a pen in my favourite colour - purple. He knows me so well!

I was over the moon to open the books that he had got me - Dracula and Alice in Wonderland. They are part of the Penguin Classics series and as you can see, are absolutely beautiful. I've always been a book-worm and books as pretty as these are just so perfect for me - I can't even explain how much I love them! I'm currently halfway through Dracula and it's brilliant; I'd thoroughly recommend it!

He also bought me the Donnie Darko book, which I have been wanting for so long! I read the whole thing on holiday and absolutely loved it - it was so interesting and a must-read for any fan of the film!

I was so surprised to see that he'd bought me very special vodka - it's in a skull bottle! How perfect is that?! I've seen photos of that on Tumblr but had never seen it in real life so I'm really excited to have one of my very own!

My parents got me lots of last-minute things for my holiday, as well as my favourite perfume and various cute presents, but the main thing they got me was a course of driving lessons! I'm really excited to start learning but I'm nervous too because I think I'll be really bad haha. I'm going to look at instructors this week and hopefully start the lessons very soon.

I loved all the presents I got, I just couldn't include them all or else the post would be too long!

P.S I've been featured on The Style Hippie for the Style Share of the Month! Huge thanks to Bethany for writing such a lovely post - head over and leave a comment saying I sent you!


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