Holiday Blog #3 | Timanfaya National Park

On our second day in Lanzarote we went on an excursion to Timanfaya National Park - the site of a volcano. It was a really interesting trip and we took tons of photos so I thought I'd give it its own post. Once again, remember to click on the photos to enlarge them!

The whole area is made up of only volcanic soil and the landscape is unlike anything I've ever seen. The volcano is still active but it caused the most damage between 1730 and 1736, when it wiped out almost the whole island.

We travelled there by coach and the narrow, winding road in the park is only open to coaches, so members of the public can't access it on their own. At one of the highest points there is an area for tourists which includes demonstrations of the heat, a gift shop and even a restaurant, which actually cooks the food using only the heat of the volcano!

The demonstrations were really cool and showed just how hot the volcano is. Firstly, the guide gave each of us a small handful of stones which he had simply picked up from the ground, but they were absolutely roasting! I dropped mine as soon as they were put in my hand because I got a fright haha; it felt like they were burning my hands!

Next, they took us over to small hole in the ground which reached into the volcano itself, and they put some hay in it. Within seconds, the hay had caught fire (a big one at that!), showing the immense heat that was just a few feet below us.

Lastly, the guide poured water into the ground through a tube and, almost immediately, steam shot out of the tube and went really high into the air. They didn't tell us what was going to happen so we all got a bit of a fright!

We then saw the cooker which the restaurant uses and when we put our hands over it we again felt the extremely high temperatures inside the volcano.

After a little wander around to take photos we visited the gift shop, where I bought the magnet pictured above. It is the symbol of Timanfya National Park - the "El Diablo" statue by Cesar Manrique, who is Lanzarote's most famous artist.

We then got back on the coach and continued along the road where we saw more amazing landscapes. The park has previously been used in several films such as Planet of the Apes , and is often used as the surface of the moon in films, since it has so many craters.

Adam and I both really enjoyed our little excursion and it was great to see something that was so unlike anything we'd ever seen before.

This is the last of my holiday posts which is a bit said because it's making me miss it so much! I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip and you can let me know what you thought of the posts!


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