My Week in Photos #8

Haven't done one of these posts in ages!

1. My sister in law had her baby on Monday so I'm an Auntie again! Amy Rose McGarrity is so beautiful!
2. Chilling in my garden in the sun with Adam after work on Tuesday.
3. My mum's home-made round lasagne on Wednesday - so yummy!
4. Having an all-black uniform when you work in a shop with no air-con and it's 25 degrees outside is not fun.
5. This photo of Amy Rose on Thursday is the cutest thing ever!!
6. My niece Orla and nephew Nathan went on holiday on Friday to Disneyland Paris so I went to say bye to them. I'll miss them loads!
7. Me holding a huge eagle owl called Elvis on Saturday - his eyes were massive!
8. I also held a barn owl called Thunder and she was so, so cute and super soft! It was such a lovely experience!
9. My nails that I painted this evening - "Skylar" by Angelica.

I feel like I didn't take enough good quality photos this week which is rubbish :(  And sorry for posting this so late at night - I've had a lot going on today! Also, I'm doing full time hours at work next week so if I don't post much I'm sorry! I'll try my best though.

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Tell me how your week was!


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