My Week In Photos #9

1. On Monday, Adam and I went to visit Amy Rose.
2. It was the first time Adam had met her :)
3. I bought the Dracula DVD from work on Tuesday since I've just finished the book.
4. Street performer on Wednesday. Notice his feet aren't touching the ground? How?!
5. I went to Adam's on Thursday since it was my day off and we watched Skew. It wasn't the best horror movie I've seen but wasn't terrible I guess!
6. Mango Martini at the restaurant Adam and I went to on Friday night - was so nice!
7. We then went to Tiki Bar in Bath St which is amazing. Adam had a Mai Tai and I had a Rum Bongo (with vodka instead of rum haha), which was so, so yummy!
8. My niece and nephew brought me this cute mug back from Disneyland Paris on Saturday!
9. I got to put From Under The Cork Tree on in work today and had a great time singing away to myself. Such a good album!

How was your week? And can you recommend me some good horror movies?


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