Anniversary Trip | Dundee

As you may have seen in my last Week In Photos post, Adam and I celebrated our three year anniversary last weekend by going on a little trip to Dundee. It wasn't somewhere that we first thought of going as we didn't think there would be much to do there but there was; and we had a great time!

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We had originally planned to stay over on the Saturday night but all the decent hotels were booked so we went for the Sunday night instead. We stayed at the Apex City Quay & Spa Hotel and it was so lovely. We were upgraded to a corner room too, so we got a much bigger room than expected.

Apex City Quay and Spa Hotel

After checking in and unpacking we headed to the science centre which was just a ten minute walk from the hotel. It wasn't as big as the Glasgow science centre but it was really interesting and had loads of interactive displays. We were just total kids and took part in everything - why not?!

Dundee Science Centre

The centre also had a "Myths and Monsters" exhibition on while we were there which was interesting, as you can see from the photos! There were stories about Nessie and dragons too, so it was good fun.

Dundee Science Centre

We then went back to the hotel to change for the evening and since it was our anniversary, we shared a bottle of champagne while we were getting ready - we felt so fancy haha. We drank the champagne that we won on holiday for being the best couple so it was quite cute. After that we had a few drinks in the hotel bar then went to Papa Joe's for dinner. It was sort of like a mix of Frankie & Benny's and TGI Fridays, with a bit of Mexican thrown in - which is a good combination if you ask me! Adam and I both had enchiladas and they were lovely. After dinner we went out for drinks before getting a taxi back to the hotel.

I was so excited for Monday because we went to a wildlife centre. I always love seeing and interacting with animals so it was a really nice day for me. I took tons of photos so here's a little selection:

Dundee Wildlife Centre

I thought the bird in the first photo looked hilarious! The peacock was beautiful and just wandered around the park on its own. There were quite a few different owls which I was happy with because I love owls! See me holding one here. This last bird was also wandering around freely but I don't know what it was - anyone have any idea?

Smaller Animals:
Dundee Wildlife Centre

The guinea pigs and rabbits were so cute! The baby meerkat was so lovely but I couldn't get a good photo of it because it was running around so much. The two cuddling lemurs just made my heart melt - I want one! Tortoises look so strange close-up; they've got little wrinkly faces and it's quite bizarre. I'm not 100% sure but I think the last little guy is a marmoset? Or something similar anyway.

Bigger Animals:
Dundee Wildlife Centre
Adam and I both found the bears fascinating - they way they interacted with each other was really interesting and for such big animals that seem scary, they were actually very calm. The wolf was beautiful but was sleepy when we saw it! I got to pet a Shetland pony which felt much fuzzier than I expected it to! The Scottish wild cat was a favourite of mine since I love cats so much. They're one of the rarest British mammals which makes me really sad :( There was a whole family of wallabies! Adam with a fake elephant!

And two other animals!:

On our way out of the park we saw a man with two dogs and we couldn't believe the size of one of them! It was a Newfoundland and was honestly like a bear - the photo doesn't do justice to just how massive he was. The funny thing was that the other dog was so tiny! I couldn't resist petting them both; they were such lovely dogs.

After the park, we went a little walk around Dundee city centre, done some shopping then had dinner before heading back home.


We had such a lovely trip and it was a great way to celebrate our anniversary. We would definitely return to Dundee in the future and I'd recommend it if you're looking for somewhere new to go. There were loads more things to do but this was all we had time for so if none of this takes your fancy, have a look at what else Dundee has to offer.

Have you been to Dundee? Where's your favourite place to go for a weekend away?


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