Lucky 7 Canteen | Glasgow

Lucky 7 Canteen Glasgow

I've been interested in going to the Lucky 7 Canteen for quite a long time, so last Friday Adam and I popped in for dinner before going to the cinema. We both really liked it so I thought I'd write a post about it and hopefully encourage some of you to check it out!

Note: I didn't have my camera with me so I only have a few rubbish photos from my phone. All the rest were found on google images.

Lucky 7 is situated in Bath St (number 166 - not too far up) and they aim to provide "restaurant quality food at canteen prices". Most of the mains cost £7.77 and lunches are £5. There's a few more expensive dishes but the prices are still very reasonable.

Lucky 7 Canteen Glasgow

The interior of Lucky 7 is quite different to what you'll see in typical restaurants - peeling wallpaper, a long wooden table down the middle of the restaurant, logs on the wall... it's quirky and cosy and I liked it a lot. All of the booths have high-backed seats so you feel like you're in your own little space, which is nice. However, if you'd prefer to be out in the open, you can sit at that long wooden table lined with stools and appreciate the look of the place. They also have a private dining area in the back which would be perfect for parties!

Lucky 7 Canteen Glasgow

The service was really good, too. Everyone who dealt with us was really nice and friendly, and for me that's an important factor when deciding where to eat. If I receive great service on my first visit, I'm far more likely to return as I like it when the staff have a wee chat with me - it feels much more personal.

Lucky 7 Canteen Glasgow

Now on to the most important point - the food! Adam and I both went for a cheeseburger and we were both pleased with what we got. The burger was cooked perfectly, with plenty of melted cheese and the seeded bun was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside - perfect! The hand-cut chips still had the skin on and were nice and chunky and fluffy - I thoroughly enjoyed them! The meal also came with a nice salad. I thought it was cool that my dinner didn't actually come on a plate, and was instead on a wooden board (see photo) - it's little quirks like that that make me really like a place.

Lucky 7 Canteen Glasgow

I can definitely see myself visiting Lucky 7 again and if you haven't been, I really recommend that you go!

Check the website here for more details and offers!

Have you been to Lucky 7? If not, would you like to go?

I've just realised this may look like a sponsored post but it isn't at all - I just really enjoyed my experience here!


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