My Week In Photos #11

1. I watched Dracula on Monday and was quite disappointed at how different it was to the book!
2. I cleared out under my bed on Tuesday and found my nursery photo from 1997 - I'm the one in the 2nd row, far left with the flowery dress!
3. Myself on my way to a night out with my work on Wednesday.
4. Dinner at the Lucky 7 Canteen with Adam on Friday night - I'll have a post up about it on the next few days.
5. We then went to see The Conjuring - read my review here.
6. We missed our bus after the film so we sat on the big stairs at the Concert Hall for a while and there was something really nice about it.
7. Yesterday Adam and I decided to be big kids and go to the new swing park near his house, and I ended up with a friction burn from the slide haha - maybe a sign we shouldn't have been there?
8. Today I put loads of my old CDs and DVDs on Music Magpie to make a bit of extra money and clear some space in my room.

Click on the photo to see a bigger version! I've been using my Instasize app a lot more recently so I can't put the photos in the grid I used to use as it doesn't look right. I'll try and find a nicer way of presenting them for next week!

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Tell me about you week! Have you seen The Conjuring?

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  1. The Dracula movie basically sucked. ....Er...I did not intend that pun.