My Week In Photos #12

1. At work on Monday we got given a new uniform in a wonderful neon green colour...
2. Adam came to mine after work and we watched My Little Eye - I wouldn't recommend it!
3.On Wednesday we went to see Kick Ass 2 and it was great - if you liked the first one, definitely go see this!
4.I dyed my hair on Thursday and it finally went a colour that I'm actually quite happy with.
5. Adam and I exchanged anniversary presents on Friday and he bought me and amazing limited edition Harry Potter box set. I love it!
6. Packing my suitcase on Saturday.
7. On Sunday (our actual anniversary), we went on a wee trip to Dundee - here's us on the bus. I'll write a post all about our trip over the next few days.
8. Champagne in our fancy hotel room before going out for dinner!
9. The hotel receptionist took this photo of us when we got back.

Sorry I'm posting this late, but as you can see from the photos, I was away this weekend so I've only just got home. I've had a really good few days and I had so much fun celebrating Adam and I's three year anniversary! A big post about our trip will be posted soon so keep an eye out for that.

Tell me about your week!


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