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The Conjuring Review

As soon as I saw the trailer for The Conjuring, I knew I had to see it. I love horror films but have to admit I am quite often disappointed by them as not many really scare me. This looked really creepy though, so I saw it with Adam the day it came out and I was not let down.

The film is set in 1971 when the Perron family move into a farm house and soon begin to experience many strange things. They call in Ed and Lorraine Warren - two paranormal investigators with years of experience - in the hope that they can help them and stop their daughters from being terrified of their new home.

Unfortunately, this case is the worst the Warrens have seen and dealing with the many demons in the house is not as straight forward as they hoped.

In many ways this is your typical haunted house movie; there isn't really anything new in The Conjuring that you won't have seen before, but that does not mean it's a bad film. It has a good story, is well-acted (especially by Vera Farmiga, who plays Lorraine), atmospheric and, importantly, it really is scary.

There are many points that will make you jump and cover your eyes, but perhaps the scariest parts are those that are more quiet and slowly build up to the "big scare". This film does suspense very well, and the way it creeps up to the big scenes is wonderfully chilling.

Director James Wan (also responsible for Saw and Insidious) really creates a creepy atmosphere to the film and it just looks really good - there's a lot of cool shots and perspectives which I really appreciated. The feel of The Conjuring is quite similar to Insidious in several ways, but I liked Insidious so for me that's a good thing.

The end of the film is surprisingly emotional and I actually felt my eyes tearing up a little. This has only happened to me with one other horror film before (The Haunting in Connecticut - I'd recommend it!) and I think it's a good thing because it shows that there is a real story and you can become attached to the characters.

Overall I'd really recommend The Conjuring to any horror fans, especially if you like paranormal horrors. This is well-made film and really will scare you so be prepared! In my opinion it's the best horror movie of 2013 so don't miss it!


  1. I love horror and I've heard a lot about this film, but I hadn't decided whether or not to add this to the watch list. I will definitely rent it now. :) Thanks for the review.

    1. Yeah you should - it's definitely worth a watch! You can let me know what you thought of it :)