As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently discovered STYLIGHT. I've been using it for a little while now so thought I'd do a review for you all and talk about my experience with the site.

A little summary of the website:

It's sort of along the same lines as Lookbook, but I personally much prefer STYLIGHT. I never got into Lookbook; I didn't find it interesting enough. With STYLIGHT, you create looks and can show off your outfits, but rather than just the standard photo or two, you create a collage which can include photos, videos, songs from Spotify, text and more. I think this is a really cool way of showing your outfits as you can include things that inspired the outfit, or things that go well with it. You can also include links to products which feature in your look or that are similar. This makes it easy for people viewing your look to re-create it themselves.

As well as browsing other people's looks, you can also look through products from over 5,000 brands and "heart" them - meaning they will show up on your profile. A great feature is that there are also links so that you can buy the products directly. By hearting products, you can build up a wish list of things that you want, which is handy when you've got some spare cash or your birthday, Christmas etc. is coming up. See my hearted products here.

To find looks and products, you can view the most hearted on the "trending" page, see what the people you follow have hearted in your feed, or search for specific terms to find something you have in mind. Hashtags can be added to looks, so if you're looking for a certain kind of style, you can just search that hashtag.


STYLIGHT is a great site for bloggers, too. There is a "post to blog" function which allows you to show your looks on your blog with just a few clicks. Loads of fashion bloggers use the site so you can connect with them and follow your favourite bloggers to see their looks and discoveries.

As well as the site, there is an iPhone app which has all the same features, so you can browse STYLIGHT on the go. Unfortunately, there is no Android app (I'm an Android user myself) but there is one coming soon so don't worry!

At the moment, I've only posted three looks because I just haven't had enough time to take outfit photos recently. I'm going to work hard on that though, and get more looks up soon, as well as OOTD posts on here. I don't follow many people at all either so if you have STYLIGHT, leave your link below and I'll check out your profile. Click here to see my profile too, and follow me if you like my looks! I've added a direct link to my profile to my left sidebar so it will always be easy to find.

So far, I'm really enjoying STYLIGHT and am looking forward to using it more. It's very user-friendly and fun, and is just perfect for anyone with an interest in fashion. My only slight complaint is that I'd like it to be easier to find users that aren't just the ones on the popular page, as I'd like to follow more people that aren't just the hugely popular fashion bloggers. Overall though, I think it's a great site and would definitely recommend that you check it out!


P.S. STYLIGHT will be interviewing me for one of their shopping sites soon - I'll post the link when it's up!

Have you used STYLIGHT? If not, are you interested in trying it out?


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