A/W Clothing Haul

A/W Clothing Haul Shannon Darko

I really needed to update my wardrobe for Autumn/Winter so I wanted to create a sort of capsule wardrobe -  matching pieces which can be interchanged to create a lot of different outfits. I didn't buy all this in one go, I've accumulated it all in the past month or so.


Clothing Haul Skirts body con cat print h&m

l-r: Purple body-con: H&M, Blue Velvet Skater: Boohoo.com, Cat Skater: H&M, Red Velvet Skater: Primark, Black body-con: H&M

Clothing Haul skirts velvet cat print h&m primark


Clothing Haul t shirts bats ramones Vans Fall Out Boy

l-r: Bat t-shirt: Primark, Oversized Ramones t-shirt: Primark, Vans t-shirt: Gift from Lauren! Fall Out Boy top (I cut the sleeves off): Bought at their gig.


Clothing Haul cardigans black leopard print primark

Plain black and leopard print both from Primark.


Clothing Haul jeans primark

To be honest, these aren't really jeans because they're not denim but I don't know what else to call them! I guess they're kind of along the same lines as Riding Pants? Anyway, they're both from Primark.


leather jacket new look
I was in need of a new leather jacket since it's basically the only kind of jacket I ever wear! This one is from New Look.


shoes black combat boots leopard print
Boots and leopard print shoes both from H&M.


stud beanie h&m tartan scarf primark
Spiked hat: H&M, Burgundy hat: New Look, Black hat: H&M, Gloves: Primark, Tartan scarf: Primark.

That's pretty much everything I've bought to update my wardrobe recently. I'll hopefully get some OOTDs featuring some of these items done soon.

What's your favourite item that I bought? And what are your A/W essentials?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I pretty much constantly wear them in this weather!

  2. Can i politely steal all your skirts please?! I need them in my life haha
    love victoriajanex

    1. Haha I am quite proud of the skirts I managed to acquire actually! All but the cat one were under £10!

  3. That kitty skirt < 3
    Great picks, you're one stylish lady x

  4. now this is my kind of wishlist! something a bit different- awesome boots tees and skirts eee :D
    lovelovelove your blog
    www.dungarees-and-donuts.co.uk xox

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