Hot Hair Tousled Ponytail | Review

Hot Hair Tousled Pony Review

Recently, I was very kindly sent out a new hair piece from Hot Hair. Having now worn it a few times, I feel ready to write a review for you all.

The Tousled Pony* easily clips in to your existing ponytail or bun to add length and thickness. It is made of synthetic hair but it looks natural in my opinion - just make sure you don't use any heat products on it!

Hot Hair Tousled Pony Review

My first impression was actually that it looked a bit different from the photo on the website. Online it looks like nice beachy waves, but in person it was hard to explain - the only word I can think of is "flippy"! It was definitely wavy, but just a little bit different than I expected. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, because I do like the way it looked in my hair.

It's very long - on the site it says it can be up to 60cm. At first I thought I'd like to cut it a little, but when I put it on I didn't think it looked too long so I'm glad I didn't chop any off!

Hot Hair Tousled Pony Review

To get started with the hair piece, put your own hair into a ponytail. You could do a bun instead but I think a ponytail would work better. Open up the palm clip and just slide it into your hair, then arrange it so it looks nice and natural. You can comb through it with your fingers or a Tangle Teezer - Hot Hair don't recommend using a regular brush as it could damage it.

The worry with synthetic hair is that it can look really unnatural and overly shiny, but I really don't think that's a problem with this piece - it looked natural in my hair and I don't think it was at all obvious that it was a hair piece.

Hot Hair Tousled Pony Review

Since I have very fine hair, I loved the thickness this added; I've never had a pony tail look this full! I've also never experienced this length in a ponytail before and was quite surprised by the fact that it could easily sit over my shoulder without falling back (I really liked the way that looked too!)

It doesn't feel heavy on your head and is comfortable enough to wear all day, without feeling like it's going to fall off at any point. I like how this is bed-head enough for the day time, but can also be quite glamorous for a night out - especially because of the length. It's a really versatile piece which I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of.

Hot Hair Tousled Pony Review

The Tousled Pony* costs £32 from and all care instructions are on the site to make sure you take good care of your product.

I think this is a really good quality hair piece and I'm so glad I got to try it out. I'll definitely be wearing it a lot more as we come into the party season too!

What do you think of the tousled pony? Have you tried any hair pieces yourself?

As mentioned, I was sent this product by Hot Hair for consideration of review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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