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Lush Cosmetics To Go Book Launch Christmas Range

I started this week off by going to the lovely Cosmetics To Go event at Lush, which was to celebrate the launch of their first book as well as giving us a look at this year's Christmas range. I had such a great night and saw so many gorgeous products!

Firstly, we spoke to the author Mira Manga who told us all about the book and the vibe that she wanted to go for with it. It's a lovely looking book as it's so colourful and striking. It's clear to see how much effort Mira put into it - she was even fussy about which paper was used and how it was bound to give it the best look and feel possible! Mira was so interesting to chat to and she signed my copy of the book which was nice of her!

Lush Cosmetics To Go Book Launch
The above two photos are from the @LushGlasgowBuchananSt instagram - nibbles and Mira Manga

We then had some drinks and nibbles - I was more adventurous than usual with my drinks and tried Elderflower soda as as well as Hibiscus and Lemon. They were really yummy, as were the cookies!

Lush Christmas Range

The staff in Lush are always amazing and the evening was no exception. We were shown all the new Christmas products and given demonstrations of several bath bombs - Golden Wonder was my favourite as it creates the most amazing "mermaid bath" and it is definitely top of my Christmas list. We were also able to ask about any other products we were interested in so I got some great recommendations.

Lush Christmas Range

Everyone seemed to agree that Lush have really stepped up their game this year as the Christmas range is bigger and better than previous years. The packaging is just amazing, with some of it inspired by Fred and George Weasley's shop! There's traditional Christmas patterns as well as more unique designs, such as a huge pink star covered in glitter. The gift sets that came inside a large bauble were really cool but my favourite was the Surprise Box, which blasts out confetti when opened! There really are so many great gift options so make sure you pop into your nearest Lush when doing your Christmas shopping!

Lush Christmas Range bath bombs

We were lucky enough to receive amazing goodie bags which contained:
  • Angels On Bare Skin Face & Body Cleanser
  • Ultrabland Face Cleanser
  • Blackberry Bath Bomb
  • 'New' Shampoo Bar
  • Violet Nights Bath Oil
  • Ho Ho Ho gift set which included Father Christmas Bath Ballistic and Snow Globe Soap
I also got some samples of the 'Gorgeous' moisturiser, Blousey shampoo and American Cream conditioner. I'm super excited to try all of these and will do reviews on some of them so if there's a specific thing you'd like to read about, just let me know in the comments.

Lush Christmas Range melting snowman

All in all, I had a fantastic night and I absolutely love the Christmas range. I'm really excited to read the book too as it looks so interesting. I'd like to send a huge thank you too all the staff at Lush Buchanan Street for being so lovely, as well as to Olivia Glorney for the invite and Mira Manga for sharing her writing process with us. Thanks ladies!

What's your favourite product from Lush?


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