Stranded Apparel | Resolution Collection

Stranded Apparel Resolution Collection

I wrote a post on Stranded Apparel's last collection and their next one, entitled "Resolution" has just launched. This is my favourite collection to date and Stranded have really upped their game on this one.

Stranded Apparel Resolution Collection sweater

I'm not joking when I say I love every piece in this collection. There's a t-shirt with a black-on-black design which is definitely a way to my gothic heart! The beanies and sweater look so snug and cosy - perfect for the freezing weather we've been having in Scotland - and the burgundy t-shirt with a football top-like design on the back is absolutely perfect for throwing on for any occasion.

Stranded Apparel Resolution Collection

The whole collection has a clean, minimalist design which I'm a big fan of. The branding is very strong in the Resolution collection and I fully expect to see many more people roaming the streets in their Stranded gear. The brand themselves have described this collection as a "new chapter" and feel that they have really found their feet with their third range.

Stranded Apparel Resolution Collection

The prices are very reasonable at £10 for the beanies, £19.99 for the t-shirts and £30 for the sweater. Don't forget, 10% of all profits go to Crisis and Shelter, and Stranded have paid extra attention to ensuring high-quality products, so you're definitely getting your money's worth here.

Stranded Apparel Resolution Collection

This is just part one of Resolution, so keep an eye out for the second drop, which will see Stranded's first collaboration - with Tom Winslade, Creative Director at Honour Over Glory. Honour Over Glory has long been one of my favourite streetwear brands so I'm very excited to see what's coming next. I will of course let you all know when Resolution Part 2 will be available!

Stranded Apparel Resolution Collection beanies hats

You can get your hands on some Stranded gear at their Big Cartel store here, and you can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

What's your favourite piece from the Resolution collection?


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