Donnie Darko | Film Friday #2

I couldn't have a film series on my blog without mentioning Donnie Darko could I? I love it so much that I named my blog after it. It's that good. This post is just going to be full of love for my favourite film ever and hopefully it'll encourage you to watch it if you haven't already!

Donnie Darko is a difficult film to explain because firstly, it's quite a complex story and secondly, I don't want to spoil it for you. Part of the fun is figuring out what the hell it all means and I don't want to take that away from you! The first time I watched it, I got to the credits and just said, "what?" I watched it again just the next day and googled "What is Donnie Darko about?" and was like "AH HA". I would absolutely encourage doing something similar when you watch it for the first time. Watch it with no idea what it's going to be, then figure it out and watch it again. It's one of those films where you pick up something new every time you watch it.

The basic premise is that Donnie is a high school student who's always been a bit strange, but then he starts seeing a huge bunny called Frank who talks to him and coaxes him into doing things such as committing crimes. Donnie spends the whole film basically trying to find the meaning in what Frank says, as well as the other weird other things that are happening to him. I won't say anymore about the plot but there's much more to it than that.

There's a lot of mystery and symbolism in the film and you need to piece a lot of it together yourself - that's the exact kind of film I like so that's why I love it. If you're looking to watch something that's a bit different and a bit weird, give Donnie Darko a try.

Have you seen Donnie Darko? What's your favourite film of all time?


  1. I've seen Donnie Darko so many times and there are so many great lines from that movie, even outside of the stupid mansuit. "Why don't you go suck a fuck?" "I have emotional problems, too!" I don't know. I really love the brilliance of this movie. It freaking BLEW my mind inside out the first time I saw it.

    1. Yeah I can't even count how many times I've seen it! Haha I could quote it all day - "Sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion!". It's so different to any movie I've ever seen before, that's partly why I love it so much.

  2. Literally love Donnie darko!