Kukee Jewelry Haul

Kukee Jewelry Haul

I was in need of some cute new jewelry but wasn't prepared to spend a fortune, so I was excited to come across Kukee, where everything is just £2.50.

Firstly I got two necklaces - the "Dark Side of the Moon" one and the "Antique Silver Skeleton". I really love both of these and the crescent moon is perfect for everyday wear. It's dainty and cute so it goes with everything. The skeleton one is great for adding interest to a plain outfit or for wearing with a v-neck as the pendant is quite long.

Kukee Necklaces

I wanted some nice costume rings so I picked out the "Silver Wishbone Chevron" - I've seen this kind of ring a lot recently and it's so simple yet interesting at the same time, I really love it. It also comes in gold if you'd prefer. I also got the "Anatomy Skeleton Spine" ring which has a little picture of a spine in it. I've never seen a ring like that before so I thought it was something a bit different.

Kukee Rings

When I received my order, there was a little surprise in it which was lovely! It was the silver druzy ring which I think is actually sold out now as I couldn't find it on the site. It's super pretty and sparkly but has an edge to it because of the size and texture. I love wearing this in the evenings when I'm going out for dinner or drinks.

I'll definitely be ordering form Kukee again in the future as there are so many lovely, unique pieces for a really great price. If you're looking for some new jewelry to go with your updated spring/summer wardrobe, you don't need to break the bank if you head over to Kukee!

What jewelry do you love?


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