Film Friday | Rock of Ages Soundtrack

I thought that throughout my Film Friday series I'd have a look at films with really great soundtracks, and the first one I'm talking about is Rock of Ages. I'm going to admit that I haven't actually seen the film but I'd much rather see the musical anyway. The thought of Tom Cruise playing a rock star makes me feel really uncomfortable too ha!

Another point to note here is that I'm talking about the original versions of the songs, not the versions sang by the actors (I don't even want to hear Cruise singing Paradise City).

If you're a fan of 80's rock and hair metal-type stuff, you'll love this. For me, these are the perfect songs to get me ready for a night out as they're such feel-good songs that you have to sing along to.

The soundtrack has total classics like Here I Go Again (Whitesnake), We Built This City (Starship), Can't Fight This Feeling (REO Speedwagon) and my personal favourite Pour Some Sugar On Me (got to love a bit of Def Leppard!)

If you haven't listened to any of these songs, please give them a try because I can guarantee you'll actually know most of them and they're all so catchy. I've made a spotify playlist of my favourite songs from the soundtrack which you can listen to below.

What do you think of the soundtrack? And what's your favourite movie soundtrack?

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  1. We Built This City is one of the best songs OF ALL TIME. I actually like the Rock of Ages version but pretty much every other song on the soundtrack fell flat for me - MUCH prefer the originals!

    1. It's so good!! Perfect to sing along to! Yeah I think with songs like these the originals are always going to be better x