Lush Buchanan Street Launch Event

Lush Buchanan Street Launch Event

On Friday I was invited along to the launch night of the brand new Lush store on Buchanan Street in Glasgow. It's just across the street from the old store but it's much bigger and it looks lovely. There's tons of reclaimed wood and the layout makes it easy to have a good browse and try out some products.

Lush Soap

There was lots going on on the night, such as a multi-sensory gorilla perfume experience, a preview of the "Comforter" spa treatment and even the chance to make your own bubble bar! I didn't get to make one unfortunately as it was so busy, but it looked like fun. There was also plenty of Prosecco available and a vegan cake which was really nice!

Lush Buchanan Street Store Spa Fruit Tea

All the staff were absolutely wonderful, as always. It was great to talk to people who clearly love their job and are enthusiastic about the products. Maddie and Sam told me all about the new self-preserving skincare products and they were super sweet! Everyone was eager to have a chat and I learned a lot about the new Lush products from them. If you're not sure what product to pick, don't hesitate to ask the staff because they'll direct you to the best thing for your skin/hair etc.

Lush Face Masks

Lush very kindly gave us goodie bags and I was so excited to see Dream Cream in there. It's their best-selling product and I've been wanting to try it for ages. If you'd like to see a review of it, just let me know in the comments. There was also the Amandopondo bubble bar which I used yesterday and it was lovely. It has a rose scent and made lots of soft, moisturising bubbles in my bath. I'll update you when I've used the other products too.

Lush Soap Bubble Bar Bath Bombs

I'll definitely be going back into the store soon to pick up some of the new products and chat to the lovely girls again. If you're in Glasgow, make sure you pop in to have a look as the store is very impressive and you'll come out with some great products!

What's your favourite Lush product?

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