European Travel Diary #2 | Two Weeks To Go!

I should firstly apologise for my absence, but I'm back now! I first posted about my inter-railing plans a few months ago so you can read about it here if you missed it. It's now two weeks until Adam and I leave for our month-long adventure so I thought I'd update you all on what we're going to be up to.

Our final route is now:

  • Amsterdam
  • Brussels
  • Paris
  • Milan
  • Rome
  • Vienna
  • Prague
  • Berlin
  • Warsaw
  • London
We had never planned to go to Milan but the journey from Paris to Rome is really long so we're just staying in Milan for one night to break up the journey. We were supposed to be ending our trip in Copenhagen but there were no flights home from there plus it was very expensive, so we're going to Warsaw instead. The hotels are ridiculously cheap there - so much so that we're staying in a 5 star Hilton because it's a great price. We were due to fly home on the 15th of August which is a few days before our four year anniversary, so we decided to go to London and spend our anniversary there instead of just coming home. I'm so excited to go to the Harry Potter studio tour!

After a shopping trip yesterday I now have everything I need for travelling so I'm going to do a trial pack this week to check the weight of my bag. I'm pretty sure I'm taking too many clothes so will probably have to cut my list down a bit. I was thinking of doing a post about what I pack if you'd be interested?

The whole thing still doesn't feel quite real - I can't believe I'm about to spend a month travelling across Europe, going to places I've never been before and seeing loads of amazing things! I'll hopefully be able to blog on the trains about each city so be sure to follow on Bloglovin' to keep up with that.

If you live in or have visited any of the cities I mentioned, please leave your recommendations for places to visit - I'd really appreciate it!

Tell me your travelling stories!

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