European Travel Diary #3 | Amsterdam

Hello everyone! I got back from travelling this week and now that I've settled back in and got a bit organised I thought I'd start posting about the cities I visited. I planned to post while I was away but finding wifi (and time) was a challenge. I assumed most of the trains would have wifi and that's when I planned to do my posts but none of them did at all so sorry for the delay!

I thought it'd be best to just talk about my highlights from each city rather than go into too much detail about absolutely everything we got up to. This will be a photo-heavy post!

Our hotel was right next to the beautiful Vondelpark, where we usually ate our breakfast and had a morning walk in the sun. There's a cafe to eat at which was really nice, but some mornings we just took our own food with us.

There was a lot of really cool street art, especially on one particular street near Dam Square. I can't remember the name unfortunately but if you walk to the huge shopping centre next to Dam Sqaure then tun right you should see it.

We went to the Heineken Experience, and even though I don't like beer I really enjoyed it. It's very interactive, and you get a lot of free samples (which I couldn't fully appreciate!) It's worth going even if you're not that into beer - it costs around £12 (book online) and you get 2 free pints, 1 smaller drink and a limited edition Heineken glass.

We went on a pizza cruise along the river, where we also got unlimited drinks. It was a good way to see the city while relaxing and was a nice alternative to sitting in a bar.

The ice bar was a really interesting experience. We put on heavy, insulated ponchos and gloves, then headed into a room fully made of ice. Even our drinks came in ice cups, and the drink was delicious. It was orange juice with whipped cream flavoured vodka - so good! I stupidly wore sandals and had bare legs so even with the poncho I was absolutely freezing, but it was still a really fun place to go. 
Two shops I would recommend are Chocolatl and Van Stapele. Chocolatl sells every kind of chocolate you would ever need; they even have bacon flavoured! You can sample anything you want before buying, and there's an area to have tea or coffee with the amazing chocolate you just bought. The staff were so lovely, and we were chatting to who we think was the owner for ages, and he recommended other places for us to visit. Van Stapele is the #1 bakery in Amsterdam, but they only sell one product - their signature cookie. It's as fresh as it can be and it's amazing. We ate ours next to the canal on a beautiful day. 
We visited the Anne Frank house but unfortunately we couldn't take photos there. I'd recommend it though; I've always been interested in Anne's story and it was fascinating to see where it all took place. Being in her bedroom was very eerie but I'm so glad I went. 
There's a lot more I could say about Amsterdam, and I left out most of the smaller details but I didn't want the post to be too long. If you want to know anything else just ask! I'd 100% recommend the city as it's beautiful and there's something for everyone.
Have you been to Amsterdam?
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