European Travel Diary #4 | Brussels


The second stop on our inter-rail journey was Brussels. We were only here for a short time so couldn't fit too much in, but we liked just wandering around and exploring the city. Catch up with my previous travelling posts here.


We stayed in a lovely hotel called Hotel Marivaux, which is a former cinema so there's a bit of a movie theme inside. Our room had photos of Gene Kelly and Lauren Bacall (who sadly passed away soon after our stay) and the room itself was very big with a lovely bathroom.


The Grand Place is the main centre of Brussels and it is beautiful. It's a large square surrounded by wonderfully ornate buildings, and there's a great atmosphere there at night as people just sit on the ground drinking with their friends.


We really enjoyed the food there; of course we had to have Belgian waffles and Belgian chocolate! We researched the most popular Belgian chocolate brands and one that often came up was Neuhaus. They have a store at the Grand Place so we got a bar each and it was wonderful! The waffles were my favourite though, and I maybe ate a few more than I should have! We found out that mussels are apparently very popular in Belgium (Mussels in Brussels, ha) so Adam had some for dinner, which came with a top hat for the empty shells! I tried one for the first time and it was nice but I couldn't have eaten a lot of them.


We visited the Atomium, first built in 1958 which is hard to believe given how futuristic it looks! It's the only place where you get can get a 360-degree view of Brussels - the views are incredible. Each sphere holds different things - some viewing platforms, some museums, some art exhibitions and more. There was a light and sound exhibition on when we were there and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I got no good photos though!


We obviously had to visit the famous Manneken-Pis. To be honest, I don't know why a statue of a peeing boy has become such an iconic feature of Brussels but it has, and so we had to get some photos!


Although we didn't have time to do too much in Brussels, we really enjoyed our stay and to be honest there weren't tons of other things to do anyway. It's a really pretty city and the Grand Place is the highlight. We were glad that we took it easy when we were here, because Paris was next and that kept us very busy, so keep an eye out for that post!

Have you been to Brussels?

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