Yes, I am still alive. Back with a nice new blog design and a fresh batch of ideas for Shannon Darko and beyond. I needed to take a little break from blogging but I promise I'm really back this time. Excuses over, let's get going.

It was only a few days ago that I realised how big a year 2014 actually was. A very brief summary of the main events goes like this: I turned 20, I lost my job, I travelled around Europe for a month, I got a new job and I moved out of my parents' house.


Travelling was my highlight of the year. I visited 11 different European cities in the space of a month with the person I love most. I had so many wonderful experiences, witnessed some beautiful sights and learned about other cultures. What could be better? I never got around to finishing my blog series about the places I visited but I'd like to post them eventually. I learned that as you travel, you then want to travel even more. I want to visit more new places this year and I'm really hoping to have two holidays in the summer but whether that will actually happen or not, I'm not sure. I already have one non-summer holiday planned as Adam's main Christmas present to me was a trip to Dublin. I've wanted to go there for literally as long as I can remember so I'm really excited. We haven't booked it yet but we're thinking of going in April. If any of you are from Dublin please let me know the must-dos!

The biggest change of 2014 was moving. I lived in the same house with my parents for 20 whole years so moving for the first time ever was scary but wonderful. Adam and I now have our lovely flat in Glasgow and it's great. I'm so much closer to uni and work, I enjoy the freedom of living independently and I get to wake up with my favourite person every morning. Of course, it's not all fun and games. I under-estimated how much cleaning has to be done, how often bread and milk need to be bought and how annoying it is to come up with ideas for dinner every night. I'm so glad we decided to move in together though, and I can't wait to get our flat looking exactly how we want it.


Moving forward in 2015 I have a few personal goals but they aren't resolutions as such. I'd just generally like to get my life sorted out a bit more and get myself on the right path for where I want to end up. I'm going to get more focussed with my blog because I've got a lot of ideas that I'm dying to put into practice. Expect to see a lot more lifestyle and fashion posts as these are two areas I've always wanted to expand, but never really had the confidence to do so. I'm hoping to improve my photography and design skills and end up with a really nice looking blog that I'm happy with.

I need to get more organised for uni as I was a total mess by the end of the last semester. Part of the plan to achieve this is to sort out the spare room and turn it into a study-type area, with a desk and bookcase and a nice, calm vibe. I need to learn to manage my time better and strike the right balance between work, uni and personal life. If I can do this it will make me less stressed and happier overall.

I'm feeling quite positive about the year ahead and I'm sure it'll be a good one. I can't wait to share it with you all and I want to say a quick thank you for sticking around even if I have abandoned you a few times. It makes me so happy to think that even one person reads my rambling. Here's to a year of making shit happen.

What was your 2014 highlight? Where do you want 2015 to take you?


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