Now that the stresses of my third year of university are behind me I can finally return to blogging and I'm starting off with a post I've been eager to get up for a while now. A few months back, the lovely people over at Joe Blogs invited me to their Hillary's Crafternoon event in Glasgow and unfortunately I couldn't make it as I couldn't get the day off work. I was gutted to miss out on such a cool event and reading all the posts about it afterwards made me even more jealous. I was so excited, then, when they offered to send me the goodie bag from the event so I could try the crafts for myself. It arrived while I was away in Dublin and when I got back it was solid uni work until last week when the semester was over.


I finally had some free time to sit down and get crafting and although my sewing skills are embarrassing, I managed to create a notebook cover which I think looks quite cute. I was sent three lovely fabrics along with a sewing kit and instructions for how to make the cover, plus a gorgeous smelling Yankee tart and a little Green & Blacks chocolate bar, all in a cute tote bag.


Like I said, my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired so I admit my final result is not the neatest, and I'm pretty sure I actually sewed in the wrong place, but at least I tried, right? (I just looked at mine again then looked at photos of some other people's and yep, I definitely done it wrong. Apparently I struggle to follow simple instructions) I still have two more fabrics so I'll definitely give it another go and try to improve my sewing in the process. I always want to get crafty but don't feel confident enough in my skills but I guess it's just a case of practice makes perfect and if I fail spectacularly a couple of times it doesn't really matter! I really enjoyed making the notebook cover even though I knew it wasn't looking like the kind of perfectly done craft you see on Pinterest - the final result doesn't matter so much as long as you enjoy the process of creating it.


Thanks again to the Joe Blogs team for being so kind as to send me this out! This also encouraged me to check out Hillary's and their range of fabrics as well as other home decor. Now that I have my own flat, I've become one of those people that spends far too much time looking at interiors and I'm always looking for new ideas to spruce up the flat.

I'm off on holiday on Wednesday so I'll be back to regular posting when I'm home. I miss posting regularly so I can't wait to get back to it!


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