So I am 100% a cat lady, however sadly without a cat of my own, so when I found out that a cat cafe had opened in Edinburgh I knew I had to visit. My 21st birthday was last Friday, and I took the whole weekend off work to celebrate. On Sunday, Adam and I headed to Edinburgh to finally visit the beautiful cats and I had the best time! (I didn't have my camera with me so these photos are just from my phone, hence the quality)

Cat Cafe Edinburgh Persian

The cafe is called Maison de Moggy and is in the Grassmarket area of the city so is really easy to get to and only about a ten minute walk from Waverly station where we got the train to. It's recommended to book in advance as there are allocated slots for up to 15 visitors at a time, and most of the slots for my day were almost fully booked a few days before. It costs £7 which goes towards the vets bills, food etc so I was happy to pay it. As it's a cafe there are of course drinks and cake available which are really lovely - the hot drinks even have a paw print on top! The cakes were delicious - I went for a Millionaires Shortcake while Adam opted for the Rolo cake, so make sure you try something!

Cat Cafe Edinburgh Hot Chocolate

On arrival you are asked to remove your shoes or cover them to keep the place clean and hygienic, and there's a cloakroom for your bags and jackets too. Once you're sorted you are free to wander around or take a seat and play with the cats as much as you like. The cats here are absolutely beautiful and most are breeds you probably don't see every day like Ragdolls, Persians and Maine Coons. Most of them were quite sleepy when we arrived but they all perked up later and were very playful.

Cat Cafe Edinburgh Ragdoll Maine Coon

I know I shouldn't pick favourites but Amelie the Ragdoll kitten was definitely mine - she was absolutely adorable and had such a lovely nature. Guillaume the Persian was a close second - just look at that grumpy little face!

Cat Cafe Edinburgh Ragdoll Persian

I really loved hanging out with the cats and I do find playing with them very relaxing and even quite therapeutic - it's impossible to be sad when you're tickling a little kitty chin! I'll definitely be going back and hopefully soon. If any other cat ladies want to hang out there with me then let me know!

Have you been to a cat cafe?