1. Adam flew to Sicily on Monday to work there for 10 days which is awesome for him but sucks for me!

2. Before he left, we booked our flights to Barcelona. We're going for five days in September and I can't wait! Any recommendations for things to do/see/eat would be much appreciated!

3. On Tuesday I went for dinner with my parents then stayed over at their house - it was nice to not be sleeping in an empty flat for the night!

4. Wearing my new Michael Kors sunglasses that I got for my birthday when I was on my way to the Lush 20th Birthday party on Wednesday.

5. A beautiful set-up at the Lush 20th Birthday party at the Sauchiehall St store. I had such a a good night and even got to make my own bath bomb! Look out for my post about the night coming up this week.

6. I spotted this lovely sunset on my walk home from work on Thursday.

7. Went for some cocktails after work on Friday. This Apple Passion at TGI Fridays was so good!

8. My work had a night out last night and it was great, but it made getting up at 8am for work today a big struggle!

This week was fairly busy as I was working a lot and inbetween all this stuff I had a lot to do in my flat too but it was quite nice to be kept busy, especially since Adam's been away. Next week is going to be pretty busy too but then I've got a few days off work which I'm looking forward to.

This week I also put some things up for sale on my eBay - it's all brand new with tags so click here to take a look!

What did you do this week?


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