Last week I saw Fall Out Boy at the AECC in Aberdeen and they put on an amazing show as always. I must admit, I was a little bit wary beforehand because, although Fall Out Boy have been my favourite band for 10 years now (!!), their newest album did not blow me away. I'm used to being overwhelmed with happiness when I listen to new things from FOB, and American Beauty/American Psycho was the first time that I didn't quite experience that. Don't get me wrong, it's a good album and I definitely enjoy listening to it, but it just didn't capture my heart in the way all the others have. I shouldn't have worried though, because the gig was the same amazing Fall Out Boy I've always loved.

I missed the first support act but the second were Matt and Kim. I'd never heard of them before and they were pretty unique - I've never seen a band like them and although their music wasn't quite my taste, I really enjoyed watching them and the put on a good show. The main support was Professor Green, who I'm sure we can all agree was quite an odd choice, no? Rap is not my thing, but I thought I could get on board a bit if, like Matt and Kim, he put on a good show. For me, that just wasn't the case. I got pretty bored after a few songs and the whole thing just felt very out of place.

FOB opened with Sugar, We're Going Down, which was surprising and I kind of wish they hadn't. I love that song - it's a classic but I felt like it got it out of the way too quickly if that makes any sense? They went straight into A Little Less Sixteen Candles... so it was quite cool to get the old school vibes straight away.

I'm always interested to see what non-single songs they play and was over the moon when they played Thriller as that's a personal favourite of mine (I even have lyrics from it in my Twitter bio). They also played I Slept With Someone... which was really nice to hear.

They done a little acoustic section at the back of the venue which was cool. They done that last time I saw them too, and this time wasn't as good but I'm still glad they done it. They played Immortals which was a surprising one to play acoustic but good nonetheless and Young Volcanoes was just lovely.

I was really surprised when they played Beat It and in general I don't like it when bigger bands play covers at gigs because it's just unnecessary. A good album track could have been played instead of that, like maybe something from Folie a Deux, which was really under-represented at this gig (the only song they played from it was I Don't Care).

The encore was My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark followed by an old classic, Saturday. It was a good way to end the show and the crowd was going crazy by that point so it ended on a total high.

Overall it was a really great gig and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The whole band sounded really good, though seemed to lack the old school raw energy at some points. In all honesty though, seeing your favourite band live is never really going to be a bad experience. I can always rely on FOB to put on a good show and play well and would 100% recommend seeing them if you get the chance.

Have you seen Fall Out Boy on this tour?


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