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Boots have their 3 for 2 offer on at the moment which I know we all find very hard to resist. I normally use it to stock up on basic make-up essentials that I run out of quickly like concealer, powder and eyeliner, but this time I wanted to try some new products too. They also have a 10% student discount online at the moment with My UniDays so with my online order I saved just under £17 - can't complain!

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Rimmel Matte BB Cream

Although I wanted to try new products, I did make two re-purchases. Firstly was the L'Oreal Infallible Matte 24hr Foundation which I reviewed last week - I thought I may as well get another one while it's on offer! I also bought the regular, non-matte version - Infallible 24hr Foundation - because, as I said in the review, the matte one can cling to my dry patches at times. I thought it would be good to try the regular version to see how it compares to the matte so I'll update you once I've used it.

My second repurchase was the Rimmel Matte BB Cream. I first bought this in the summer before going on holiday because I wanted something with a bit of coverage without being too heavy to wear in the heat. In the past I've never got on well with BB creams at all as I am self conscious about my skin and none of them provided enough coverage for me, This one is different, though. It gives a nice amount of coverage and feels light on the skin - it's perfect for days that I'm not doing much but still want to wear a bit of make-up. My only complaint about it is that although it specifically says it's matte, it's not at all! Even on my dry skin it gets shiny a lot throughout the day and I have to re-apply powder several times.

Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator Puffy Eye Attack

The next offer I took advantage of was buy one, get one free on Soap & Glory skincare. I got the Beauty Sleep Accelerator Moisture Miracle which is supposed to be a very moisturising night cream. I've somehow managed to lose my usual night cream so was looking for a new one and this sounded ideal for my skin.

I also got the Puffy Eye Attack Turbo-Boost Hydragel as I haven't been using an eye cream for quite a while now (terrible, I know!) I read a few reviews of this one and they were pretty much all positive, plus I was getting it half price so I think it was a good buy. I'll probably do a full review of the Soap & Glory products once I've used them a bit more.

Eco Tools Skin Perfecting Brush Eye Enhancing Duo Brushes

I also used the 3 for 2 offer to buy some new make-up tools. Firstly I bought the Eco Tools Skin Perfecting Brush as it looked really nice and I fancied something new to apply my foundation with. To be honest, I still haven't got to grips with this brush and I'm not sure if it will work for me. I like my foundation brushes to be nice and dense and this is a bit too far on the fluffy side for me, but I'll keep trying it in case I just have to get used to it.

Also from Eco Tools I bought this Eye Enhancing Duo which is really great because both brushes are double-ended so you really end up with four. I really love these and have been using them everyday. The fluffy blending brush is my favourite as it's so soft and blends beautifully, but the others are all great too so I'd definitely recommend picking this up.

Lastly I bought the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which I don't have a photo of because it needs washed! I'm loving it though, and have been using it to apply my foundation most days. This is the first sponge I've used in ages and I'm glad to have one in my stash. It gives a lovely finish and it great for blending out contour and blusher too.

So that's everything I've bought from Boots recently! Overall I'm really pleased with my purchases and I'm glad I've saved money on them all. If there's anything here you'd like to see a full review of just let me know in the comments.

Have you taken advantage of the Boots offers?


  1. I've wanted to try the L'oreal infalliable foundations for quite a while now but never know if they're actually worth the hype or not considering they seem to be a firm favourite within the blogging community recently but I think after reading this post, I'll give them a go. Also, I'm the same when it comes to BB creams, it just scares me that any I find aren't a good enough coverage so I'd like to give the Rimmel one a go too, I used to love using Rimmel products but haven't used any of them for a while so this sounds like a good product to get me back in the swing of things.

    1. Yeah I'd definitely recommend it, it's one of the best drugstore foundations I've tried! The BB cream is definitely better than any others I've used - it obviously still doesn't give a proper full coverage but it's way more than a sheer coverage like most others x

  2. My friend just bought the regular L'Oreal Infallible and says it's her new favourite foundation! Hopefully you get on with it well too. I'm in Canada at the moment and we don't have it here yet, sadly. Hopefully we get it soon because I'm dying to try it!

    Clementine | My Darling Clementine

    1. I used it today and I'm loving it so far! Oh man hopefully it will be on sale there soon, it's really great quality for the price! x

  3. Some great buys love l'Oreal foundations really good shades and good quality for the money!

  4. Aaah Boots 3 for 2 is so dangerous, but you got some lovely products! I've tried the Soap & Glory eye cream before and really liked it, the night cream sounds good too :) xx


  5. Hey! I just came to pop by via twitter and I really like your blog!
    I've wanted to try the infallable foundation for ages! But I'm still trying to figure out what I think of the True Match foundation. Maybe when I've done that I'll try something new. :)
    I hope you have a lovely week!
    Emma xx

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  7. I love the EcoTools brushes! I also am terrible at using eye cream. This S&G one looks really good though - will have to pick it up I think :) great post!

    Hana | ♥