Thaikhun Silverburn Launch Night

This week I was invited along to the launch night of the latest addition to Silverburn shopping centre's collection of restaurants - Thaikhun. As the name would suggest, it's a Thai restaurant with authentic street food and damn, it's good.

Thaikhun Silverburn Launch Night Wine

Thaikhun Silverburn Launch Night Glasgow
On arrival we were given drinks - I went for the cocktail of the evening which was the Bangkok Chill. It's Mango Absolut vodka shaken with pineapple juice, lime and basil leaves. It was an interesting flavour and unlike any cocktail I've had before but it was deliciously refreshing. Adam had Lucky Buddha beer, which neither of us had heard of before and it came in a very cool bottle with a Buddha face on it. I'm not a fan of beer at all but Adam said it was really nice.

Thaikhun Moo Ping Spring Roll
Spring roll with sweet chilli sauce and Moo Ping pork skewer

We got to sample several different items throughout the night and we were both really impressed with them. The Moo Ping starter was a highlight - grilled pork skewers with a wonderfully sweet and sticky sauce topped with a pineapple chunk. I'd thoroughly recommend it - it was so good. The Plamuk Tod Prik Kleur (crispy squid with salt and pepper) was surprisingly good as I'm not much of a fan of seafood, but it tasted so fresh and I'm glad I tried it. The spring rolls with sweet chilli dip were lovely too.

Thaikhun Crispy Squid
Crispy salt and pepper squid

The main dish we tried was Khao Ka Moo and it was gorgeous. The sauce was absolutely amazing and I would 100% order it again. I actually haven’t tried much Thai food at all so it was really nice to sample things and get an idea of the type of flavours to expect. It makes me wish I’d tried more things sooner because I genuinely enjoyed everything I had (apart from one fish dish but like I said, I’m not a fan of seafood so it’s not a reflection on the food itself, just my taste).

Thaikhun Khao Ka Moo
Khao Ka Moo

The décor of the restaurant is so unique, and everything has actually been imported from Thailand so it’s totally authentic. There’s so much hanging from the ceiling as well as some little nooks and crannies so everywhere you look you’ll see something new and interesting.

Thaikhun Restaurant Silverburn Glasgow

The staff were all so lovely and friendly, and it was clear that they were passionate about the food as well as the brand overall. At one point in the night there was an impromptu dance party with all the staff which really showed the fun side of the place!

Thaikhun Silverburn Launch Night Party

The staff are also very knowledgeable about the menu. They’re happy to give you recommendations and if there’s something you like the sound of but maybe one ingredient you don’t fancy, the chefs will gladly adapt it for you. That’s ideal for me in a place that does curry because I can’t handle spice very well, and I was told they could make curries milder for me if I asked, which is really thoughtful.

Thaikhun Silverburn Glasgow

If you’re ever in or around Silverburn I really would urge you to check out Thaikhun for some delicious, authentic Thai street food. The interior will make you feel like you really are in Thailand and you’ll totally forget you’re actually in a shopping centre in rainy Scotland! Make sure to have a chat with the staff to really make the most of the menu and don’t forget to try that cocktail – you won’t regret it!

Have you been to Thaikhun?


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