Last night I saw The 1975 at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh and it was such a good show. There was a lot of hassle and stress for me in the lead-up to this gig so I really needed a great night and that's exactly what I got! All my photos were terrible as they were taken on my phone so these photos are by Roberto Ricciuti.

The band have added a visual element to their shows for this tour and it worked really well. Basically they had one big screen behind them then four columns in front of that which were also screens, plus their signature rectangle outlines above them. They all changed colors and moved around depending on which song was being played, which was pretty cool. The only silly thing I thought about it was - why didn't they make the columns say "1975", one number on each at any point? Did no one seriously think of that? Come on, guys!

They opened with new song Love Me which I've been listening to non-stop recently. It's perfect for having a good dance to and sounded great live. It was accompanied by the new album's pastel pink on the screens and had a really cool vibe.

Early on they played two songs from the new album - Change of Heart and She's American. Change of Heart was quite a slow one and I noticed a few lyrical references to other 1975 songs, so I'm really interested to read the full lyrics to see if there's any more. She's American is much more upbeat with a really catchy chorus.

After that they played Me, when Matty asked the crowd to put their phones down for one song and actually watch them instead of through a screen. Then, in true Matty Healy style, he said, "this song is about me, shut up."

Another two new songs came next - Somebody Else and The Sound. Somebody Else was quite laid back and very 80s, but I loved it. The band posted the lyrics to The Sound on their Twitter a few days ago so it was great to actually hear it live and it's so good - possibly my favourite of the new songs they played.

My personal favourite, Robbers was next and it was just incredible. I've always had some kind of emotional connection to that song and it's just perfect live. I would literally never get tired of hearing it and that's when you know you really love a song.

They finished with Girls before coming back for the encore. For Medicine their background was the same as the artwork for the song - a city at night but it was moving and the stage lights were the orange of streetlights so it was an amazing atmosphere. It looked so good and was one of my favourite visuals of the night.

Chocolate and Sex were last and obviously had the whole crowd singing along and dancing. There was such a happy vibe throughout the gig but especially during these last two songs so it totally ended on a high. Sex always sounds amazing live and I always love that it's more on the rock side than most of their other songs.

Although it may sound cheesy, a good gig really is like some kind of therapy for me - I always feel so happy afterwards and like it's cleared all the shit from my mind. The 1975 always really inspire me to write for some reason and I was full of ideas on the train home.

I'm now even more excited for the new album in February and will definitely be seeing them on their next tour in March, where they're doing 3 nights (!!) at the O2 Academy in Glasgow. If you haven't joined The 1975 party yet, get on it because this next album is going to make sure they become absolutely huge. I made a Spotify playlist of last night's setlist if you want to have a listen (minus the new songs) and if you ever get the chance to see them, make sure you do because they put on a really good show.

Are you a fan of The 1975? Are you seeing them on this tour?


  1. Sounds like they were fab, I'm glad that you had a good time! I agree about the columns though, they totally should have said 1975!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I really don't understand why they didn't do it, it seems so obvious to me?! Haha but yeah they were so good! x

  2. Sounds like a great gig. I was tempted to see them in London on their next tour so may have to purchase some tickets.

    Jade @ Your Future Mixtape

  3. I am so jealous, I would love to see these live! Sounds like you had a brilliant time :)

    Lilies and Lipbalm