I know your feed must be flooded with this type of post but I think it's important to take a step back and evaluate where you are in life, no matter what time of year it is. January just happens to be an easy time for most people to do that, and the feeling of drawing a line in the sand and leaving 2015 behind can be very comforting. I don't like to make resolutions as such, so instead I've identified four things that I'm planning to do this year and how I want them to work out, as well as four personal goals I'd like to achieve. 



A major change for this year will be graduating from university. I've spent the past sixteen years of my life in education so it will be very strange to come to the end of that era but I'm so ready to get out there and get my first "proper" job. To be honest, I'm pretty much over uni at this point - I haven't particularly enjoyed my time there and I haven't liked my course much at all. I love journalism but the course at my uni is just not great, so I'm very eager to actually start working instead of just talking about it. I'm aiming for at least a 2:1 but of course a First would be amazing (if not slightly out of reach!)


I'm planning to go on holiday when I graduate, hopefully to L.A. I really wanted to go last year for my 21st birthday but unfortunately had the idea too late so didn't have time to save enough money. I started saving when I went back to uni in September and have been continuing to put money away ever since. It'll be quite a big trip to plan and it will be expensive so I'm trying not to get my hopes up in case it doesn't happen. In any case, I'll have money saved up to go somewhere so I'll have a good holiday no matter what. Fingers crossed for L.A though!


A proper grown-up journalism job I mean. This is the scariest plan for me because I don't actually know what I really want to do. There's so many areas of journalism and the possibilities are practically endless so it's quite daunting, trying to figure out what's best for me. I know my first job after graduating isn't likely to be my dream job, but I still want to do something I enjoy. To think that I have no idea what I'll be doing this time next year is very scary, but quite refreshing too because I've never really been in that situation before. I can't wait to find out where I end up and I'm so excited to start my career.


I was doing pretty well with this blog a few months ago - consistency has always been my issue but I was posting regularly for a good while and I was really proud of myself. Unfortunately, the end of the year was a very busy and stressful time for me so my blog had to take a back seat. I want to get back to that regular schedule again but I know that realistically it will be difficult. I'm going into my final semester of uni and I'm determined to get as good a degree as possible so that has to be my first priority. I don't want to stop posting completely though, so even if I can blog once a week during those extra busy times I'll be happy. I want to make my blog a bit more "me", without feeling like I have to conform to any blogging stereotypes, so expect more personal posts and I'm going to be writing more about music too.



I'm terrible at tooting my own horn but when it comes to applying for jobs later in the year, I'll have to be able to convince employers that I'm a good enough writer for them to take on. I'm not very confident in my writing skills for several reasons: I don't write as much as I probably should, I don't read my own work after writing it and I don't let others read my work very often. I can change all three of these things and I know that will make me feel much better about my work. When I do get feedback on my writing it's generally positive (even that was hard for me to write for fear of sounding like I'm bragging!) so I know I'm not a bad writer. I just need that extra bit of faith in myself to really feel comfortable in my chosen line of work.


I've been interested in photography for years now but still don't feel like I've fully got into it or learned as much as I should have. I'm looking at buying a new camera (the Sony A5100 - do you have any experience with it?) so I can't wait to play around with it and get some great shots. I know the "rules" of photography but I often don't have the time or patience to really put them into practice when I'm taking photos. Add to that the fact that my flat is terrible for lighting and I find myself getting very frustrated when shooting. I want to dedicate more time this year to taking good photos and might invest in some lighting equipment if need be. Hopefully this time next year my photography will have improved and I'll have photos to be proud of.


I love reading and I always have. When I was younger I had a book on the go at all times and would read every night before bed at the very least. I think it's common that as you get older, you find less time for reading. We're all so busy that sitting down with a book for an hour or so seems like an unattainable luxury, but it doesn't have to be. When I do have a book on the go I find myself giving up my evening social media time in favour of the book, which is definitely a good thing. The issue I have is that once I've finished a book, it seems to be ages before I start a new one. I got several books for Christmas so I'm going to make sure not to leave huge gaps between them and read a lot more throughout the year.


I've been saying to myself for so long that I should start thinking more positively and practicing things like mindfulness but it's one of those things that's much easier said than done. I'm definitely guilty of thinking the worst at times and I can have quite a negative thought process but this year I really want to change that. People who have got into the habit of thinking positively say it can really change your life for the better and I totally understand how it could. I'm going to pay close attention to the way I think about things and any time I start thinking negatively, I'll challenge myself to turn it into a positive. I think this could really do wonders for my state of mind so hopefully 2016 will be the year of positivity and happiness for me.

I'm quite happy with the goals I've set myself - they're attainable whilst still being challenging and I think that's key for any kind of forward planning. Achieving those goals (or even just making a start with them) will improve my life in various ways so I'm really determined to work hard on them this year. The plans I have are exciting and a bit scary, but knowing they're (pretty much) definitely going to happen is comforting, plus it gives me things to look forward to. I have quite high hopes for 2016 and I can't wait to see where the year takes me. Here's to new beginnings!

What are your hopes for the year ahead?


  1. I've got another year of Uni to go but after that one of my plans is to travel too! I also want to start reading more too xx

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

    1. After graduation is the perfect time to travel I think! xx

  2. You've put a lot of thought into these, so I hope you make some headway on them! I use to read more before my smart phone, oy, the allure of all things internet.

    1. Thank you! Haha yeah twitter is too addictive!

  3. I graduated in 2015 and I am still adjusting haha! It is so weird to go from being in school for so long to suddenly having to be a real person and get a job haha! Best of luck with your goals!:)

    Shannon Sage

  4. I want to travel more this year too. I won't be making trips to L.A anytime soon though, I don't even have my passport sort out yet haha. I just want to explore the UK more and go to as many new cities as I possibly can. I also want to get a job too because I haven't had one since last May and its so difficult to get along with out one, the biggest positive to not having one though is that I have so much more time to work on my blog which I'm happy about x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog

  5. Good luck with your last few months at Uni lovely and finding your first job :) I had a pretty bad time at Uni too and I found it really hard because people always say how it's the best time of your life - I hope you find a job which makes you really happy.
    Love Holly x


  6. Good luck with your plans and goals for this year lovely! To Change my outlook - is definitely something I need to improve on too this year! x