As I said in my 2016 Plans and Goals post, I'd really like to include more music features on my blog, and what better way to start this off than with supporting local female talent? Both bands featured below are recent discoveries for me and I've been listening to them a lot recently. Check them out, hopefully you'll like them too!

The Van T's


The Van T's are so named because they are fronted by Glaswegian twins Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson. Their latest EP Laguna Babe is awesome - it has a cool punk sound with a hint of surf rock, which works really well. The girls' voices sound great together and you're bound to get their songs stuck in your head - Growler is so catchy and a favourite of mine. I get a kind of Best Coast vibe from them so if you like BC you should love The Van T's! Also, how good is the EP artwork?! Check out their Soundcloud and if you're in Glasgow, they're playing a free gig in King Tut's this Saturday!


Kloe's third single Touch was what got me interested in her and I've played it so much this month. It sounds way more sophisticated than a third song, even before an album or EP has been done. Her first two singles (Grip and Feel) are unfortunately not on Spotify so I haven't listened to them quite as much, but you can hear them on her Soundcloud, and together they form a trilogy. I recently read Nylon's interview with Kloe and she seems like such a fun, down to earth girl - I think we should be pals actually. I'm hoping she plays a Glasgow show soon because I'd love to see her live, but she is supporting Marina and The Diamonds on the Glasgow date of her tour so you can catch her there.

Let me know if you listen to either of these girls! I reckon they'll both get a lot bigger in 2016 so now's the time to get into them!

What new artists have you been listening to?

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