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Soap & Glory has been one of my favourite brands for years now. My lovely parents get me the big gift set for Christmas every year which tends to keep me stocked up on the essentials, but I bought some of their facial skincare products last year and really liked them, too. These are my five favourite products:


I talked briefly about this overnight moisturiser in my last Boots haul and I've been using it every night since. It's very moisturising without being heavy and feeling like it's clogging my pores. I have quite dry skin so it's perfect for me and is one of the best moisturisers I've ever used. A little goes a long way so the pot will last me ages. Soap & Glory skincare seems to be on offer in Boots quite often so keep an eye out for a bargain!


This is a staple Soap & Glory product and probably one of their most popular ones, and I just had to give it a mention here. It's the only body lotion I use because it's just ideal - very moisturising, leaves the skin feeling very soft and smooth, yet doesn't take forever to dry in. I apply it as soon as I come out the shower and by the time I've used my hair products I'm able to get dressed. I don't know if I'm imagining it but I swear it just makes my legs look so much better!


A creamy cleansing milk which easily melts away makeup, this is a lovely product which leaves my skin super soft. I have sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it or dry it out, which has been an issue with some other cleansers I've used. The creamy feel of it is perfect for dry skin and I find it to be a good base for my moisturiser, giving me that extra bit of hydration my skin needs. Plus, it has that amazing peachy smell that I love so much!


This is from the lime scented range of S&G products, which I love because citrus smells are my favourite. I've tried lots of body scrubs but this is the one I use the most. It has enough granules in it to really slough away the dead skin, but is still gentle enough that it doesn't hurt at all. I use this before shaving and it really helps to get the best end result possible. The tub is huge, too so it lasts forever.


The area around my knuckles always gets super dry for some reason, so I need to use a good hand cream often and this is the best one I've tried. I keep a full-sized tube next to my bed to use at night, plus a mini tube in my handbag for on the go. My biggest gripe with hand creams is when they leave your hands so greasy that you can't even do anything after you've applied it, but this is the only one I've used that doesn't do that. It dries in quickly and doesn't leave that horrible residue.

There are so many more Soap & Glory products that I love so it was difficult to narrow it down, but these are the ones I would recommend the most. Hopefully if you try them you'll love them as much as I do!

What are your favourite Soap & Glory products?


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