I've been on the hunt for some new shoes recently - black ankle boots (yes I already own about 10 but I still need more okay?) and new heels to wear to my graduation. Because of this, I've been browsing the shoe section of online shops quite a lot so I've built up a little wishlist. I'm considering buying some of these but other ones are just never going to happen for me - I don't have over a grand to spend on one pair of heels! Anyway, hopefully you'll find something you like here or get some inspiration for your next shoe purchase.

The perspex heel adds something a bit interesting to an otherwise simple shoe. It's a subtle detail but looks so good.
Um, hello?! These are Western-style boots with sparkly stars all over them. Enough said.
My heart longs for these beautiful studded boots but at £975 they're a distant dream. Saint Laurent is my favourite designer brand and I'll know I've made it in the world when I can afford to shop there on a regular basis!
These would be ideal everyday boots for me as they'd match most of my outfits perfectly, so I might actually buy these ones.

These are the perfect night-out heels - they'll go with everything and look amazing.
These aren't the style of shoes I'd normally go for but they're just so pretty and the cut-out detail is lovely.
I love these! The colour and pattern on the heel makes them stand out from regular black platforms and it would be so nice to coordiate your bag/outfit to the colour of the heel.
The lace-up trend is huge right now and these grey heels are a more sophisticated nod to that. I'd feel more like a proper lady if I wore these shoes!

Are you noticing a theme in my taste in shoes? Black, leather and studs are my go-to.
Something a little bit different which could smarten up a more casual outfit for afternoon drinks.
These are all about comfort but they look cool too. Trainers aren't generally my thing but I'd definitely wear these ones.
I love Vans shoes and these ones are just perfect for summer. They're really appealing to me as I've been dreaming of tropical islands a lot recently...

What shoes are on your wishlist?


  1. Oh I am in love with those tropical Vans, perfect for Summer!! x

    1. They really are, and they make a nice change from the usual white converse! x