Lauren Mayberry Chvrches Live Glasgow Hydro
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For a band from Glasgow, Chvrches have been gone for a long time. Saturday night was their first hometown show in a year and a half, but they definitely seemed happy to be home. The last time I saw them was at the Barrowlands, which holds just over 2,000 people; on Saturday they played to 13,000. That's an insane leap and the difference in the band's performance was equally big. They were far more confident and really put on a show more than their earlier Glasgow gigs.

They kicked off the set with one of my personal favourites from the new album, Never Ending Circles and continued with a good mix of songs from both albums. Empty Threat was a highlight - a punchy track that had the crowd singing every word with as much ferocity as Lauren herself. Another favourite was Gun, which received one of the best responses of the night and saw Lauren twirling across the stage throughout.

Martin Doherty Chvrches Live Glasgow Hydro
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Martin took over as frontman for High Enough to Carry You Over and Under The Tide, and he was just as energetic as Lauren. His enjoyment was clearly evident and his voice was strong even whilst the running across the stage and keeping the crowd's energy up.

The last song before the encore was Clearest Blue, the lead single from the band's latest album. The atmosphere of the crowd was buzzing as the track built up, then everyone went crazy for the last minute and a half, dancing as the impressive light display flashed in front of abstract graphics.

Iain Cook Chvrches Live Glasgow Hydro
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Afterglow was the first song of the encore, and a bit of a strange choice. After the hype of Clearest Blue, this slow, stripped-back track was a slight anti-climax and the crowd seemed almost lost, unable to dance as they had been all night. Closer The Mother We Share got everyone back on track, though, and was a perfect end to the show.

Lauren's performance in particular was impressive as her voice sounds just as good live as it does recorded and she was much more confident than she was in the early days. She really made the most of the huge stage, running from end to end all through the set as well as jumping on and off podiums. Her crowd interactions were natural and funny, including a slight tangent about the latest season of House of Cards!

Lauren Mayberry Chvrches Live Glasgow Hydro
Photo Credit: TartanZone Photo

I felt a sense of pride seeing Chvrches headline such a large venue with so much confidence, and playing to a crowd that clearly loved them. The band are only going to get bigger and they so deserve it as they've stayed completely down to earth and true to themselves despite travelling the world and touring with bands like Paramore. I'm already looking forward to seeing them again, I just hope they don't make us wait so long next time!

Have you seen Chvrches live?

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  1. Love when a band are just as good live as they are recorded. Looks like a great night.