I’ve never been the best at stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things, but that’s something I’ve been working on recently, and this new found adventurousness has worked quite well timing-wise with what’s going on in my life at the moment. Graduating from uni has meant that my whole life feels a bit up in the air while I’m wondering what the hell to do next. I know I want to go into journalism but I’m interested in so many different topics as well as different platforms. I’d be just as happy writing for a music magazine as I would be for a news website. I’ve been enjoying looking into different areas and shall hopefully be dipping my toe into them all over the summer to find out what’s best for me.

The Trading House Glasgow Bar

In the spirit of trying new things, I was invited along to The Trading House in Glasgow last month for their #ChallengeTradingHouse event, which centred around cocktails. I love a good cocktail but always stick to vodka or gin-based ones (French Martinis are my fav!) The purpose of the evening was to encourage us to give other cocktails a chance and so head bartender Calum asked each of us which spirit we didn’t like and the challenge was for him to make us love a cocktail with that spirit in it.

The Trading House Glasgow Bar

I said I didn’t like rum as I’ve tried it a few times and have never found it pleasant at all, and in all honesty I did not expect to like whatever was made for me. Calum decided to make me their signature cocktail, The Trader. It was made from Bacardi rum, elderflower, apple juice and “English Summer Garden” tea leaves. I never really enjoy floral drinks so I was even more skeptical, but I had to admit, the drink looked beautiful! Apparently a previous customer said the drink looked like it had been created by fairies and I totally got that! I could imagine drinking this on a hot summer's day in a magical forest, and who wouldn’t want a drink like that?

The Trader Cocktail Trading House Glasgow

So, the important part: did I like it? Yes! Honestly, I really did, so much so that I ordered another one! It was so light and refreshing, the total opposite of what I imagine rum to be. It tasted very summery and fruity, and not too strong. The rum didn't overpower the other flavours and I really enjoyed it. Calum said it’s a shame when people automatically dismiss a cocktail because they don't like the spirit in it and I'm definitely guilty of that. This event encouraged me to be a bit more open to different ideas and if I like the sound of the other flavours, I'll give it a go! I had a little sip of the other girls’ cocktails too and let’s just say that I can definitely see why The Trading House was named best cocktail bar in Scotland!

The Trading House Glasgow Cocktails

Now that I have the confidence to be more adventurous with my drinks choices, I can work on transferring that confidence to other areas of my life. I want to try loads of new things this summer and I have a few lined up – I’ll be heading on my first-ever solo trip to London in two weeks, finally starting driving lessons next month and hopefully doing a lot of new writing. This will be the Summer of Newness and I’m so excited for what’s to come!


May was a very busy month indeed, with quite a lot going on. The first half of the month was completely taken up by uni as it was my final semester. My dissertation was due on the 4th and I'm quite happy with what I produced. It was about the effects of social media on feminism so it was really interesting for me to research and I learned so much.

Dissertation Hand In

I then had three exams which were terrifying but I think they all went okay and the feeling of relief when I finished my last ever exam was insane! I can't believe I'm actually done with uni now, it's scary and amazing at the same time. Now it's just the agonizing wait for my results then I'll be graduating (hopefully!) at the end of next month.

Trading House Glasgow Bar

Just two days after my exams finished I had a lovely night at The Trading House in Glasgow for their Challenge event based around cocktails. Look out for my post about the event very soon, but it was great to hang out with some lovely ladies and relax after all the stress!

Sentido Zeynep Hotel Turkey

Adam and I booked a very last minute holiday to Turkey and left four days after I finished up with uni, so it was a mad rush to get all my holiday clothes on time but it was totally worth it for the amazingly chilled 9 days in the sun! Our hotel was beautiful and we had the most perfect sea view, plus the staff were all so lovely so it was a great holiday. I was able to just lay by the pool or on the beach, drinking cocktails, reading and generally relaxing and it was exactly what I needed. I feel so refreshed and with a much clearer head than before I left.

Kerrang Magazine Internship

Also this month I was offered an internship at Kerrang! magazine which I'm so, so excited about. I really didn't expect to have this opportunity and I'm so grateful for it as it'll be great experience for my career. I'll be spending a week at their offices in London in June so if you have any recommendations for cool things I can do on my own in the city please let me know!

Next month will be very busy too but it's all exciting things that are happening and I'm so happy that my summer has officially begun!

What did you get up to in May?