May was a very busy month indeed, with quite a lot going on. The first half of the month was completely taken up by uni as it was my final semester. My dissertation was due on the 4th and I'm quite happy with what I produced. It was about the effects of social media on feminism so it was really interesting for me to research and I learned so much.

Dissertation Hand In

I then had three exams which were terrifying but I think they all went okay and the feeling of relief when I finished my last ever exam was insane! I can't believe I'm actually done with uni now, it's scary and amazing at the same time. Now it's just the agonizing wait for my results then I'll be graduating (hopefully!) at the end of next month.

Trading House Glasgow Bar

Just two days after my exams finished I had a lovely night at The Trading House in Glasgow for their Challenge event based around cocktails. Look out for my post about the event very soon, but it was great to hang out with some lovely ladies and relax after all the stress!

Sentido Zeynep Hotel Turkey

Adam and I booked a very last minute holiday to Turkey and left four days after I finished up with uni, so it was a mad rush to get all my holiday clothes on time but it was totally worth it for the amazingly chilled 9 days in the sun! Our hotel was beautiful and we had the most perfect sea view, plus the staff were all so lovely so it was a great holiday. I was able to just lay by the pool or on the beach, drinking cocktails, reading and generally relaxing and it was exactly what I needed. I feel so refreshed and with a much clearer head than before I left.

Kerrang Magazine Internship

Also this month I was offered an internship at Kerrang! magazine which I'm so, so excited about. I really didn't expect to have this opportunity and I'm so grateful for it as it'll be great experience for my career. I'll be spending a week at their offices in London in June so if you have any recommendations for cool things I can do on my own in the city please let me know!

Next month will be very busy too but it's all exciting things that are happening and I'm so happy that my summer has officially begun!

What did you get up to in May?