At the start of the year, I talked about my Plans and Goals for 2016 so here's an update on how I'm getting on with the goals I set for myself in that post.

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I've definitely achieved this one and I knew I would. Any uni student will know that studying leaves little time to read books of your own choice, especially in that final year. Since I finished uni in May I've constantly had a book on the go (currently reading Lolita) and have been reading my favourite magazines whenever I have any spare time. I'm absolutely loving having this extra time to read and I've discovered so many new authors recently.


I outlined three main ways that I could feel more confident in my writing: write more, read back my work and let others read it. I've taken steps for all three of these and have definitely been writing a lot more in the past few months. When I was at my internship at Kerrang! magazine I had a great opportunity to get feedback from several professional writers, which was so valuable. My lack of confidence showed here in that I was actually very surprised by how good the feedback was. I was told that my feature pitch was one of the best they'd seen from an intern and my album reviews were highly praised too. This gave me a huge confidence boost and I also took on board all the feedback I was given in order to improve.


This is an area I've made a bit of progress in, but not as much as I would have liked. Writing has been my main focus recently so I haven't been spending enough time on my photography to improve it a lot. I have been happier with my Instagram recently though, despite that stupid new algorithm! Next week, I'm going to spend one of my days off working on my photography and trying to take lovely photos for both this blog and my Instagram, so keep an eye out to see how that goes.


This has been the hardest goal and the one with which my progress has been the least consistent. I go through phases of being very aware of my thought patterns and actively trying to make them more positive, then after a while I fall back into my old cynical habits. However, I have noticed that I'm generally more conscious about the way I think and often have a little word with myself when I'm getting upset or annoyed about something that's not actually that important. As cliche as it may be, I've been on the lookout for little postcards etc with nice quotes on them to put on the wall next to my desk. Paperchase do lovely ones for about 60p so I usually pick a few up each time I go in, and I now have a nice collection of reminders for myself.

I think I'm doing quite well with my goals so far, and this little check-up halfway through the year has spurred me on to start working harder on the things I've been neglecting. It's so important to assess your progress with things like this, and give yourself a pat on the back for your achievements. I'll do a final update at the end of the year, when hopefully I'll be happy with the changes I've made!

How are you getting on with your goals?


  1. I love reading updates on people's goals. Its reassuring knowing that people keep tabs on them to better themselves and it inspires me to keep tabs on mine too! SO thank you for that :)

    I think you're doing pretty well if you ask me. I've got some goals I'm still not getting anywhere with and I need to get a move on with them, but you've made some progress no matter how small with all of them :) Be confident! You're doing great - and you're photography is amazing <3

    Cat | What Cat Says

  2. I didn't actually set myself proper goals at the beginning of the year, but after reading yours I definitely want to soon. Love the postcard idea, little things like that work well for me too!

    Cathy | overnightbelle.wordpress.com